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Bhupendra, the son of Yogendra, a Bhim Rajsamand (Raj.) resident, is 24 years old. His father works at a monthly salary of Rs 6000. Bhupendra Singh was teaching deaf-mute children and doing a course in it, along with his studies and he was happy with this. He showed up at the nearest hospital when he had a sudden fever two years ago. But when there was no improvement in his health, doctors advised appearing in Jodhpur or a large hospital. For the sake of a son, poor father went to Jodhpur.

Wherever they got disappointed, then in the end when he checked in the Institute of Kidney Disease and Research Centre of Ahmedabad. The doctor told Bhupendra's liver is damaged and advised a liver transplant, which cost is Rs 13 lakh.Father Yogendra was shocked by hearing the huge expenditure amount. He is ready to give his liver to his son, but the transplant amount has to spend.Came forward to save the life of Bhupendra Singh

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