16 year old Tavish needs your help for liver transplant

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Mr. Chandra Vishal Bhura runs a small shop in Raipur for a living. Their small family survives on the earnings from this shop. Tavish is his 16 year old son who suddenly fell ill one day, he had high fever. His parents took him to the nearby hospital, where he was given medication and he recovered. After a few days, he fell sick again and the doctor advised them to visit a bigger hospital. They referred to the IG hospital of Hyderabad where they found out that Tavish’s liver is damaged and he needs a liver transplant surgery to survive. This surgery will cost them 25 lacs. Hearing this they returned from the hospital sadly as they did not have any funds. Due to covid-19 their shop is also closed and they are already in the middle of a financial crisis, there is no way they could afford this surgery.
Someone told them about Narayan Seva Sansthan and they have reached out to us for help. Tavish’s mother is ready to be the donor for him and he needs the surgery as soon as possible.

You can be the reason this 16 year old, survives this battle with death. Donate today for Tavish!

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