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Contribution For Kumbh Yajman

Contribution to Kumbh Yajman is the way to get great benefits and blessings from Kumbh Devotes, Narayan seva sansthan will not step back while there is a matter of people’s blessings. Kumbh devotes comes with the hope of solving many complications of their live by holy bath, we just make their Yatra more comfortable by providing small services like ‘Puri Parsadi’, ‘Bhojan’, ‘Nashta sahyog’, accommodation etc. your contribution to Narayan Seva for Kumbh yajman will be highly appreciated by Kumbh Devotees.

Kumbh Katha Mukhy Yajmaan One Time Daily

Kumbh Aarti Yajmaan Daily

Kumbh Vyas Pujan Yajmaan Daily

Kumbh Bhojan Mahaprasad Yajmaan One Time

Kumbh Jal Sahyog Daily

Kumbh Nashta Sahyog Daily