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Irrespective of a huge capacity of 1100 beds and 13 specialized hospitals, the demand is in fact increasing rapidly but is not been able to meet because of limit constraints. There are times when patients from far off places are not given beds and dates for operations because of an excess crowd in the ward already. Such obstacles have not been tackled yet and there is a growing need of more beds and hospitals. Therefore we request you to donate the needful helping us to remove the hindrances in our path to a better tomorrow.

One Room Small

One Room Medium

One Room Extra Medium

One Room Big

Atithi Room No.1

Atithi Room No.2

Atithi Room No. 3

Atithi Room No. 4

Atithi Room No. 5

Atithi Room No. 6

Atithi Room No. 7

Atithi Room No. 8

Atithi Room No. 9

Atithi Lobby

Atithi Hall