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Construction (world Of Humanity - Second Floor)

World of Humanity

Waiting Room (second Floor)

Intensive Care Unit (icu) (second Floor)

Icu Store (second Floor)

Donors Dress Change Room (second Floor)

Dining Hall (second Floor)

Post Operative Ward 64 Bed (second Floor)

Air Conditioned Unit-1 (second Floor)

Air Conditioned Unit-2 (second Floor)

Medical Store Room (second Floor)

Patient Clothing Store Room (second Floor)

Plaster Cutting Room (second Floor)

Patient Waiting Area (second Floor)

Operation Equipment Room (second Floor)

Plaster Room (second Floor)

Central Sterile Services Department (second Floor)

Air Handling Room (second Floor)

Operation Theater Unit-1 (second Floor)

Operation Theater Unit-2 (second Floor)

Nursing Staff Room (second Floor)

Doctor Room (second Floor)