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Construction (world Of Humanity - First Floor)

World of Humanity

Open Terrace (first Floor)

Guest Room-1 (first Floor)

Guest Room-2 (first Floor)

Guest Room-3 (first Floor)

Guest Room-4 (first Floor)

Store Room (first Floor)

Bauji Room (first Floor)

Apparel Room (first Floor)

Chairman Office-1 (first Floor)

Chairman Office-2 (first Floor)

Music Room (first Floor)

Dormatory (first Floor)

Meeting Room (first Floor)

Pantry (first Floor)

Waiting Lounge (first Floor)

Chairman Office-3 (first Floor)

Pcr Room (first Floor)

Studio (first Floor)

Reading Room (first Floor)

Editing Room (first Floor)

Store Room (first Floor)

Dressing Room (first Floor)

Pantry (first Floor)

Mamta Room (first Floor)

Mamta Store Room-1 (first Floor)

Mamta Store Room-2 (first Floor)

Mamta Store Room-3 (first Floor)

Guru Mata Office (first Floor)

Kitchen (first Floor)

Kitchen Store Room (first Floor)

Dining Hall (first Floor)