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What are Artificial Limbs?

A prosthetic limb, more commonly known as an artificial limb is a mechanical device commonly used to replace a missing limb. Such devices help amputees in living a normal life even after missing one or more limb(s).
Since the physical appearance of an artificial limb is a significant concern for individuals, it is designed to match the original limb and sometimes covered with artificial skin for realistic look and feel.

How Does it Affect Life?

A prosthetic limb, more One of the first thoughts that come to the mind, when someone loses a limb, is that their life has ruined. We understand their pain and know how devastating it can be for them or anyone. Especially in the case of a child, it is a state of both confusion and sadness. Some of them are too young to realize what has happened to them.
Prosthetic or an artificial limb helps an amputee survivor or a differently-abled to live a happy and independent life. Such devices mimic the functioning and sometimes even the appearance of the original body parts when fitted right. This brings back the confidence in such individuals to live life with dignity and work towards fulfilling their dreams.

Individuals must be provided with rehabilitation to strengthen the functioning of their new body part. They require assistance from physicians and therapists to develop perfect mobility, as they learn to make use of their artificial limb.

It can take time for individuals to accept their new artificial limb. However, with the right rehabilitation and a positive mindset, they can witness tremendous improvement in the quality of their living.

Whether you wish to have a new prosthetic or replace the old one, we are there to help you.
Our free Artificial Limb centre in India donates prosthetic legs and arms to poor and needy differently-abled individuals. We further provide the right rehabilitation to help bring their life back to normal and encourage them to start a new life.
This forms the essence of ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’, the best Nonprofit Trust based out of Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. The organization is uninterruptedly providing free humanitarian services since 1985, to the destitute differently-abled people of the society, without any discrimination on the grounds of religion, region, caste, gender, etc.
The organization plays a vital role in catering to the needs and requirements of differently-abled, in the realm of rehabilitation and treatment, through the execution of various free services, awareness camps, and more.
We have a specialized team of experts who take the measurements of individuals in need of prostheses, and design suitable artificial limbs for them.

What does our Artificial Limb Centre do?

Our Achievements Besides the donation of prosthetic limbs, in the form of legs or arms, we have closely worked towards helping the differently-abled, in the following ways.

  • 355597 Calipers distributed
  • 262872 Tricycles distributed
  • 293539 Crutches distributed
  • 55004 Hearing Aids distributed
  • 272353 Wheelchairs distributed
  • 422250 Corrective surgeries performed


We provide free of cost prosthetics, including artificial legs and arms to:

  • Disabled by birth
  • Afflicted by Polio
  • Accident survivors

We further aim to uplift and empower the poor and needy differently-abled in India by,

  • Providing them vocational training to live a happy and independent life
  • Train them to get good jobs, earn their living and become contributing members of society

Service Camps

We regularly organize following service camps to reach out to the maximum number of people who are either unaware of our services or unable to reach out to us at our free artificial limb centre.

  • Diagnostic and Surgery Selection
  • Artificial Limb Measurement and Distribution
  • Other Aids and Appliances Distribution
We Also Have a Physiotherapy Centre

Physiotherapy is commonly prescribed or advised to individuals with new artificial limbs. Our physiotherapy centre is there to assist such individuals. After getting a free artificial limb like a leg or an arm, from our centre, they can visit our free physiotherapy centre to combat the challenges faced in the mobility of their new limbs. We also provide counselling sessions to these individuals so that they can quickly adapt to the changes and lead a better life.

Kids Who Got Benefited from our Free Artificial Limbs Donation

Palak was a mere kid when she lost her father and her leg in a road accident. With her father gone, she and her mother have barely had the means to survive. There was no way they could afford prosthetic limbs for both of them.

When they visited Narayan Seva Sansthan, we made sure they get what they're looking for!

We took their measurements and designed the appropriate prosthetic limbs for palak and her mother. These smiles are what we work for!

Juhi It is hard to look at the brighter side of life when you are an amputee survivor. Same happened with Juhi after she met with a road accident. She got hit by a car and it ran over her legs, leaving her deeply injured. The injury was so severe that the doctor had to amputate her right leg. Post that incident, Juhi started living a life in complete isolation. She stopped talking to her friends and even her parents.

Looking at her deteriorating condition, her parents decided to opt for prosthetic legs. However, after checking its price, they realized that it is not something that their pocket allows. Not losing hope, they looked for ‘Artificial Limb centres near me’ on the internet and came across Narayan Seva Santhan. On visiting our centre, we assisted them and provided their daughter with a free prosthetic leg.

The smile on their faces told us that they could not thank us enough for helping them!

Mohan says that we have given him a second chance to live life. He wanted to go to school, play cricket and do various other things like children of his age usually do. However, he was born with a disability that made it difficult for him to walk. This eventually forced him to put away all his dreams and aspirations, and stay at home.

Mohan’s uncle decided to help him and looked for artificial limb centres in India that could provide him with free prosthetic legs. Narayan Seva Sansthan emerged as a saviour during that time and sponsored Mohan’s prosthetic leg. Since then, Mohan has been actively visiting our centre to inspire other kids with his story.

How Can You Help?

Losing a limb is a tragic experience, especially for kids, and can lead to mental trauma. However, through our Artificial Limb centre in India , we are helping to restore the confidence and dignity of amputee survivors and differently-abled. We provide free prosthetics like artificial legs and arms to those who cannot afford them due to insufficient funds.

Despite consistent efforts of distributing free of cost artificial limbs, we have a long waiting list of differently-abled and amputee survivors in India. Your kindness can help us support more such individuals, further fulfilling their dream of living a happy & independent life. Your small donation can help us in giving them a bright future.

One of the major effects of donating to charity is the feel-good factor because you became the reason behind a kid’s smile or a family’s happiness. It helps you achieve a greater sense of satisfaction and inspire others in making the world a better place. When you donate to us, it enables us to expand our impact by helping as many as possible.

Don’t think much, and help a differently-abled in India by providing free prosthetics in the form of artificial legs or arms.

Why Donate?

This forms the essence of ‘Narayan Seva Sansthan’, the Best Nonprofit Trust located at Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. The organization is uninterruptedly engaged in providing ‘free of cost’ humanitarian services since 1985 to the destitute, ‘differently abled’ poor and the needy people of the society at large, without any discrimination on the ground of religion, region, caste, gender etc. The organization has played a vital role in catering development and services in the realm of rehabilitation and treatment of differently abled’ and the needy people through the execution of its various ‘free of cost’ service activities.

We have a specialized team of prosthetic & orthotic experts who take the measurement of the beneficiaries & make the limbs as per the measurements. Despite consistent efforts of distributing free of cost artificial limbs, we have long waiting lists of beneficiaries that are waiting for their prosthetic limb.

We have a specialized team of prosthetic & orthotic experts who take the measurement of the beneficiaries & make the limbs as per the measurements. Despite consistent efforts of distributing free of cost artificial limbs, we have long waiting lists of beneficiaries that are waiting for their prosthetic limb.