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Rajesh was able to walk after successful operation!

Rajesh was able to walk after successful operation!

  • July 06, 2022
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Rajesh Vinod Chauhan (14), a pre-mature child, was born 14 years ago to Vinod Chauhan (48), a resident of Yavatmal, Maharashtra, who lived by farming. From the time of his birth, there was curvature in the toes of both the feet. Poor farmer Vinod also became a debtor under grief but he had no way out. Vinod takes care of the family by working as a laborer in agriculture.When Rajesh grew up, Vinod got him enrolled in the school.He studied till class 4 and suddenly left his studies midway due to deteriorating health. Then he was shown in the hospitals of Maharashtra but did not get any assurance of recovery anywhere. The neighbor saw the program running on TV about Narayan Seva Sansthan. And when the sansthan's camp was organized in Mahur village, he came to know from there. Then for the first time on 7th March 2022, the family members came to Udaipur Sansthan with Divyang Rajesh. Doctors examined and advised to do the operation and on March 10, operated on the left leg. After 1 month, the child's leg became straight. He came again for the second time on 12th May 2022, and then the operation of the right leg was done on 15th May. Then discharged after a few days.After the operation of both feet, for the third time on June 20, after wearing calipers and shoes, Rajesh has started walking on his feet. Seeing this, tears of happiness came from the eyes of the family members and everyone including Rajesh is happy. Vinod says that many thanks to Narayan Seva and all the doctors and team who became the support of a poor like me. I will be forever grateful for the free gift you have given me.