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Life story of Shivraj

Life story of Shivraj

  • December 16, 2020
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A parent coming to get their children operated is a usual sight at Narayan Seva Sansthan, Udaipur. But Shivraj, an eight years old child from Dewas, Madhya Pradesh arrived with his grandmother to get his leg’s corrective surgery done which was executed (classic postero medical, release hamstring etc). He is not a first-timer to have got operated as his first surgery was done almost a year and a half ago when the problem he used to come across of not been able to sit and stand properly was successfully treated and now is the turn of the right leg. Grandma tells Shivraj is very curious in nature and questions everything new he sees. He strives to understand logics behind everything and this makes his parents more informative. Shivraj seemed very close to his grandmother vice-versa. The spark in their eyes to fight the disability was clearly visible. Now that his operation is done, Shivraj will soon return home with much brighter morale.