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Ishaan will recover soon after the second operation

Ishaan will recover soon after the second operation

  • July 06, 2022
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There was a wave of happiness in the family of Shakeel Ahmed, a resident of Meerut in Uttar Pradesh, who used to sell clothes by hawking to nearby villages. But this happiness turned into sadness when he came to know that his child was a victim of polio since birth. Both his legs and arms were weak, crooked and close to the knees. Three days after birth, both hands and feet were treated with plaster bandages, but to no avail. Due to poverty, even getting treatment in a big hospital was not possible. Ishaan Ahmed is now eleven years old and suffering from the misery of congenital disability. Parents take him from one place to another. And he stands only on his knees.Due to poverty and disability, the future of the family was visible only in darkness. Then they came to know that Narayan Seva Sansthan in Meerut has set up a free check-up camp. Taking all the information from there, they came directly to Udaipur on 26 May 2022. Then the doctors and the team examined him and on May 30, the son's right leg was operated on and the plaster strap was tied. His mother Rukshana Parveen tells that there has been a lot of difference already; the curvature of the paws has also been cured. She is hopeful that her son will recover soon. Now they have been called again on the next date for the operation of Ishaan's other leg.