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How Hargun

How Hargun's Life changed with Narayan Seva?

  • June 13, 2022
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My name is Man Singh (40). I am from Patiyala, Haryana. I have a family of 5; me, my wife and my three daughters. My youngest daughter, Hargun (10), had some issues with her legs. Her knees had been bent since birth due to which she was not able to walk. We had to take her from one place to another. She was not able to go to school for the same reason. We spent so much on her treatment at different hospitals but didn’t get any positive results.   One day I got information about NARAYAN SEVA SANSTHAN, Udaipur through social media channels where they provide free treatment to differently-abled patients. Then, on 22 April, 2022, I visited Narayan Seva along with my daughter in the hope of successful treatment. After proper examination by the doctors, her operation took place on 24 April, 2022 and was discharged after a few days. We were advised to visit again after 1 month for further treatment processes. On 29th May, 2022, I went back and after a routine check-up, her plaster was removed and she got caliper for her legs after a few days on 1st June.  In the last 1 month, I have seen a positive change in her legs. Operation of her second leg took place on 2nd June. I strongly believe that this leg will also get well, similar to the first one, and she will be able to walk after that. I would like to thank the entire team of NARAYAN SEVA SANSTHAN. I am short of words now, all the facilities provided by you are completely free. Doctors & staff are all very humble and polite. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.