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Born Fighter

Born Fighter

  • September 04, 2020
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“Born Fighter” as her mother and doctor calls 6 years old Rasha Rajak from West Bengal. “Rasha can bear pain because she is strong and she knows how to fight, she is my strength,” says Ms. Godhuli Rajak, her mother. She was born in 6 months itself as a premature baby and has been on the ventilator for 5 days, she added. With so much already, she has the will to fight the disability and get over it to become a differently-abled but extraordinary achiever. She is currently in grade one and is planning to rejoin after her treatment. Been disappointed with the services at some other healing centre earlier, Ms. Rajak always thought to do whatever it takes to make her daughter walk and now that her case has improved since her operation at Narayana Seva Sanstha Udaipur on 26th April 2018, there is no looking back. Solely handling all responsibilities and procedure, Ms. Rajak spoke about Rasha being an introvert and does not like talking about her legs. As a society, we need to teach the generations that it is perfectly okay to be specially-abled and there is nothing to be ashamed of it or to not talk about it. The only thing not right will be one pitying himself and considering himself/herself less than a normal person. There is no comparison between the two and in all aspects are both equal.