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Some Facts on around How Donor's Money Spent or Why they should Make Donations for Children's Education.

  • of the donations for education we receive are used in to strengthen these initiatives on the ground.
  • of the donations for education of girls we raise are used to strengthen the support systems that help us monitor and evaluate these initiatives.
  • of the funds we raise are used for activities that help us to mobilise resources and guarantee long-term support to these initiatives.




Narayan Seva Sansthan is an NGO in India based in Udaipur (Rajasthan). Established in 1985, we have worked extensively for more than three 3 decades to reach out and rehabilitate differently able people from the underprivileged segment. Narayan Seva Sansthan works with 480 branches in India and 49 branches abroad while focusing on alleviating disabilities and providing proper Physical, Social, and Economic Rehabilitation to the needy. We do this through well-planned and comprehensive programs in health, education, rehabilitation, corrective surgeries, and helping aid distribution making us the best charity organization in India.


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Reaching out to every disabled person to help them might seem difficult for an individual, but making a donation for the disabled to an NGO can help them in many ways. At Narayan Seva Sansthan, we go the extra mile to help and address the challenges faced by disabled people by putting your donation for disabled to good use.

Making a donation to Divyang for their betterment is one of the best ways to help them. An NGO such as ours assists and supports their community in creating a better life and a healthier environment, which is the most important aspect of living. Your donations for Divyang help us do that.

Making an online donation for the handicapped is the most convenient way to help the ones in need. Through our online contribution charity platform, we have assisted thousands of individuals in need of financial assistance.

Every year, thousands of individuals in India die from curable health conditions as a result of deep- rooted inequalities and financially disadvantaged circumstances. Making a donation for disabled persons can help them by providing them with life-saving medical care.

Donations made to certain relief funds and charitable institutions are eligible for a deduction of up to 100% or 50% with or without restriction. But only cash donations are income tax deductible under Section 80G or the ones made via a cheque or demand draft.

As per Section 80G, the income tax deduction on a donation is calculated on the basis of following Factors: ● The qualifying amount for deduction. ● Eligibility of donation as not every donation is eligible for a 100% income tax rebate.

By making a donation, you help NGOs to work towards a noble cause. You should always contribute to a charity that runs programs to support a cause that you believe in. That’s how your donation will help in the right manner.

One of the best ways to give donations is by paying the amount via cheque or online transfer. Always ensure that you are paying to the trusted NGO so that the donation you give is utilised for the right cause.

According to Section 80G under which your donation qualifies for tax rebate, the following details have to submit in your income tax return: - ● Fill in name of the donee. ● Fill in the donee PAN card details. ● Fill in the residence address. ● The total amount of contribution, in cash or other modes. ● The total donation amount under Section 80G which is eligible for deduction

According to Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, on donation, there is a 50% exemption from paying donations made to funds or organizations liable under the act.