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An accident can drastically change someone’s life for the worse. When someone loses a limb in an accident their whole life turns upside down. They suddenly cannot carry out the most basic tasks for themselves and become highly dependent on their friends and family. Prosthetic limbs are always an option, but they cannot be afforded by everyone.

Narayan Seva Sansthan has a fully equipped artificial limbs workshop that is dedicated to providing amputees with customised artificial limb(s). When a patient visits Narayan Seva Sansthan requesting an artificial limb for them, they first go through the measurement process. Thereafter, they are provided with a prosthetic limb in 3 days-time.

free of cost Camps

The amputees who live around our hospital in Udaipur or who are aware of our services can reach out to us easily. But there are many people who live with their issues, unaware of the help available. We organise artificial limb measurement and distribution camps in various parts of the country. These camps are organised in order to spread awareness of our services and also for reaching out to more and more people in need of free of cost prosthetics.


You too can organise one of these camps for the betterment of the needy. For organising a free of cost artificial limbs camp for the differently abled under the tutelage of Narayan Seva Sansthan, you can fill out the form given below: