What isChaturmaas

Chaturmas is a four-month festival of spirituality that insists on staying at one place during monsoons and praying to God while resting. It is believed that in the rainy season the tropical climate produces a large number of insects that can get hurt if they constantly walk. Lord Mahaveer also used to follow this practice and follow a penance practice during this time.

Chaturmaas is also considered to be the time period when Lord Vishnu rests in the ocean of milk.

This is aWorship Period

It is said this is the best time to pray, do charitable work and yoga etc. As the legend says, doing charity, involving ourselves in God and doing good deeds are beneficial for our Health, Wealth, and Prosperity. It is also said that people do fasting this time to seek blessings for their future generations.

Narayan Seva Sansthan is a Nonprofit organization that started 3 decades ago with a vision to serve the poor and needy. On this Auspicious Time of Faith, Narayan Seva Sansthan is providing Free Ration to the helpless and needy families.