World Chocolate Day-Narayan Seva Sansthan
World Chocolate Day
World Chocolate Day: Best ways to celebrate this day
  07 Jul'2018

July 7, must be one of the happiest days 2018; it’s World Chocolate Day!

There’s no perfect reason than this to gulp a chocolate and experience the rich creamy delicious texture of this miracle food.

And for the good reason: Not only does chocolate release those pain-reducing endorphins into our brains, it also contains theobromine, which gives you the feel good factor.

While most of us don’t need a special day to indulge in the creamy glory of chocolate, World Chocolate Day is just one more reason to consume this delectable confection.

So, we here today will discuss the topmost 5 ways in which you can enjoy this day to its best. Let’s find it out –


1. Treat Yourself with Chocolate, Of course!


Even if it’s not your normal day to shop, try going to a shop and buy some chocolate. Celebrate the World Chocolate Day, by treating yourself with the chocolate items you like.

If at work, you can eat it during the lunch time, just make sure it doesn’t melt.

Pack chocolate treats for your children’s lunches and let them treat their taste buds with the delicious surprise of Chocolates.


2. Research about Chocolate :


There are so many different types, facts and recipes of chocolates around the World that you are unaware of. So opt for some research this World Chocolate Day and you are bound to find some mindblowingly interesting facts about chocolate.


3. Tell people its World Chocolate Day :


Some people may know, some might not know, some may be shocked, some may not care; you won’t know what their reaction is unless you tell them. It’s World Chocolate Day, and everybody should know about it.


4. Try Chocolate Recipes :


Pamper the sweet tooth of yours and those around you by trying new and innovative chocolate recipes. Be it a Cake, Mousse, Dessert or a plain Hot Chocolate. New recipes are always welcomed and charge up your normal day with the Chocolatey- Twist!


5. Give chocolates to reform co-workers, friends or family :


Even if they don’t like chocolate, they will most likely appreciate your gift because it’s the thought that counts. And you never know, you might get a surprise treat in return too.

So, don’t allow yourself to be left. It’s a day to be celebrated by everyone.

Treat. Share. Try. Do it all!


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