How can you work for an NGO?
How to work for an NGO?
  09 Mar'2022

An NGO is an organization that is dedicated to resolving the problems in society without expecting any kind of profits from their efforts. There are many NGOs in India and beyond that are making a notable difference in the lives of the minorities that are usually overlooked by the common people. To a common person, NGOs might appear as complex organizations with lots of complex working systems but in reality, they're a team driven to serve society.

Working for an NGO is a dream for many, but not a lot of them know where to begin. Helping the needy is proven to give one the kind of emotional & spiritual fulfillment. One can work for an NGO in many ways, from volunteering to having a job there are many options.  You do not need to dedicate your surplus income or all your time to work with an NGO. We will show you how and why in this blog.

How can you work for an NGO?

You can do the following to be a part of the working of an NGO that helps the people in the lower strata of the society in getting above their circumstances:


The importance of volunteering cannot be defined in a few words. It is not only beneficial for those who receive help but also for the people who volunteer. Not only does volunteering makes you feel mentally & emotionally fulfilled but it is also very great for your resume. You can volunteer with any NGO near you as and when you get time.

Volunteering is the most widely known way to work for an NGO and yet there is so much ambiguity on the subject. Many people who want to volunteer do not know where to start. Here is a quick guide to volunteering:

  • Determine which cause you want to support: Are you looking forward to helping the kids who do not have any family to look after them or do you feel connected to the elderly in an orphanage. Pick a cause that you will most connect with.
  • Research: Yes, it starts with this simple step. You research the cause you want to support and see who all are doing notable work for that cause.
  • Shortlist: Once you are done researching about who is doing what for the said cause, you shortlist the NGOs that are doing notable work in that domain.
  • Determine how you can help: Are you good at fieldwork, or are you more of a desk job person. Identify your core skills and define how you would be able to help the NGO in the best way.
  • Approach: Most NGOs are more than happy to work with volunteers; all you have to do is to find a way to approach them. You can explain to them that you are passionate about the cause and you would like to help. They would be more than happy to have you on board.
  • And Finally volunteer: This is where you get to work for the cause you support so dearly. Give your best effort to those in need of help.

Become an educator

Education and awareness are major loopholes in Indian society. This is due to the lack of basic literacy and the rising population. Awareness campaigns and education of both children and adults on certain subjects or in a holistic way is the major motto of most NGOs. They always need more and more people who can make people aware of the issues in society and educate people in general. There is a very high demand of educators in NGOs.

There are many NGOs that are working solely towards raising awareness on a particular subject or educating people and children in general. You can be a part of their awareness or educational programs and become an educator. This can be done as a job and on a volunteer basis too. You can reach out to the NGOs working in the area of your interest and apply for a job as an educator or volunteer to educate.

Spread the Word

So you do not have the surplus time and bandwidth to have a job with an NGO or to volunteer. In that case you can support an NGO by spreading their posters, and social media posts on your own social media handles. This will help the NGO connect with more and more people with their cause and get them the support that they need.

You can also simply talk about the NGOs you resonate with among your friends and family so more and more people will know about the problem in the society and also that there is a way to resolve it. This can greatly help an NGO in increasing their reach among the people who can help them fight the evils in our society.

Get a Job

Another very basic tip, but it is worth it. A lot of people believe that they need a degree in social work or a prior volunteering experience in order to land a job with an NGO. It is not really true! Most of the NGOs are not only functioning with social work professionals, but also with the help of admin professionals, accountants, media professionals and a lot more. So, it does not matter if you do not come from a social work background, if you can bring some value to the table you will be hired by an NGO. All you have to do is to build relevant skills irrespective of your educational background.

To conclude this, you do not need a big bank balance, a lot of time or a degree in social work for working in an NGO. All you need is a will to work and the passion to help people who really need your help. You can use your current skills for the betterment of the society instead of working for a business that you do not even relate to.

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