Why You Should Donate To A Non-Profit Organization
Why You Should Donate To A Non-Profit Organization
  10 Mar'2022

An act of kindness, compassion, and decency lasts long. When you extend your support to non-profit organizations near you, you not only provide the underprivileged section of society with a chance to improve their circumstances and lower the crisis they have to face every day but also offer a sense of happiness and fulfilment. Making donations to non-profit organisations (NGOs) that work for the cause of people who have very little means is the best way to contribute to society as a whole. These organizations are striving hard every day to bridge the gap between India and its growth.

Donating to a non-profit organization is not a business transaction. However, these organizations implement various plans and strategies to showcase to the donors how their donations are being utilized effectively.

Since NGOs rely on the generosity of individuals and businesses to carry on with their work for empowering communities, let us discuss some of the reasons why we should donate to a charity:

Helping society

Various nonprofit organizations work for different causes. The majority of such organizations aim to alleviate poverty by helping the people living in underprivileged conditions. Your donation will assist help these organizations in buying warm clothes, food, and arranging clean water for families who are far from enjoying such privileges. They also try to sharpen the skills of these people by providing them vocational training so that they can find employment for themselves and support their families.

Small donations can make a huge difference

We all know that people are worried about rising poverty, but they all have the same excuse: they can not do anything about it. You should know that even a single rupee can make a big difference, so don't stop donating. Even if you donate 100 rupees to an organization, a person can buy a warm blanket for him with this money to protect himself from the various illnesses he gets exposed to due to the chilly weather. An individual can also buy food items for his family and save them from dying of starvation. Thus, even with small donations, you can improve the quality of life of a person.

The more you contribute, the wealthier you feel

Yes, it is true. Doesn’t matter how much you earn, but giving something out of that and realizing that this has made a difference in someone’s life will make you feel richer than ever. You will also feel grateful to have whatever life has given you and appreciate the things you have because some people do not even have half a privilege in their lives as yours. No one needs to be a millionaire to contribute a part of your income for a good cause. What matters the most is the desire to help the people who strive hard every day to get a normal life. Unless and until you contribute to an organization, it is difficult to live this feeling.

A sense of giving back

Contributing your earnings to the benefit of the society to which you belong offers a huge sense of fulfilment. We take a lot of things from society throughout our lives and are often interdependent on other members of society to meet many of our needs. However, not every person in a society is fortunate enough. Even major cities like Delhi and Mumbai are home to thousands of impoverished children and adults who struggle to get necessities such as healthcare, education, and safety. Donating to non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that work for such individuals is one approach to help these people rise and, as a result, the general socioeconomic standing of the society you live in also improves.

Helps to create a better world

Everyone wishes to make the world a better place. We all desire to live in a world free of poverty, illness, and crime. As we all know that poverty is the main cause of the rising crime in our country. Thus to make this nation a better place, we should donate to charities and non-profit organizations that work towards uplifting poverty. When people procure employment, they are less likely to get involved in crimes to make their ends meet and the world will be filled with more positivity.

Tax benefits

Donations to recognized NGOs not only provide emotional fulfilment and satisfaction, but they also provide you with some other amazing benefits. The amount you donate is deducted from your total taxable income, minimizing the amount of income tax you would pay. However, this should not be the primary motive of making donations. Not only do you get a sense of satisfaction and happiness while you contribute but you also get a chance to save money.

Even though charitable contributions are tax-deductible, several requirements must be met. For instance, the mode of donation must be in monetary terms. Donations up to Rs 2000 can be made in cash, but any amount over that must be made through bank transfer, cheque, draft, etc. 

However, from the Fiscal Year, 2017-18 donations made in cash above Rs 2000 were no longer recognized as a deduction. Also, contributions made in kinds, such as food, clothing, and medications do not qualify for the U/S 80G.

These were some of the reasons why you should contribute to charitable organizations. Many non-profits also have online donation portals through which people can make a safe and secure donation.

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