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Corporate Social Responsibility
What is CSR? How to Implement CSR in your organization
  30 Apr'2020

CSR stands for Corporate Social Responsibility. Before you think about implementing CSR in an organisation, you need to understand what CSR is & what are the ways to implement CSR in your company.

What is CSR?


"CSR is a type of self-regulation in private business that primarily sets a goal to contribute to societal issues, philanthropic outcomes, activist or charitable nature by engaging or volunteering ethical oriented practices."

Since 1960, CSR has managed to attract a large number of businesses and stakeholders. An industrialist may define CSR as a business strategy, an NGO activist can have a perspective that is a greenwash and a government employee may see it as voluntary regulation. Any business unit which has only profit motives may be harmful to society. It is important to contribute to society as well.


How to Implement CSR in your Company?


In order to implement CSR in your company you must go into a deep theoretical understanding. We also examined some specific CSR implementation theories.

1. Employee engagement:-  Hohnen in 2007 explained that employees are the key factor in a company and to implement CSR in your company employees should be well informed about the way of handling the implementation. They should know about the background of the adaptation and its relevance towards the future of the company. According to Hohnen, there are several ways to the employee's commitments to the implementation project. Incorporate CSR performance elements to the job description and performance. Then they should be provided with regular updates of a CSR program. Offering incentives for good ideas.


2. Partner with an NGO:-  Every company should have a good understanding of their project that they want to implement in their CSR project. In order to do that they should partner with an NGO that has a good sense of CSR strategy and has done many philanthropic activities before. An NGO has a better knowledge of the implementation of a philanthropic job, so this step will help a company to give a clear knowledge of how they work and on what prospect they should invest.


3. Need assessment:- CSR assessment is an evaluation of how a company integrated the principles of CSR into their business. An assessment is a clear picture of a company's corporate social practices. The first key step is to gather, analyze, and examine all relevant information about the company's activities and making process where the company stands in the present day about its activities. It should also locate points to apply CSR.


4. CSR business strategy:-   CSR initiatives should connect to your core business purpose in a way that makes intuitive sense, says Stangis. Alignment with important metrics that have a bottom-line impact on the. The core of the company, for example, food waste reduction. Enable CSR to initiatives to fit within the core of a company's strategy to enable success.


5. CSR campaign:-  It is important to promote the brand and its motives by a campaign. These efforts are highly recommended by both consumers and trademarks in the market. Although both clients and agencies let they're run wild in this campaign. They do it with the most appealing, insightful manner to get the consumer, realizing a good strategic CSR campaign is not such an easy task as some might think.


6. Integrated CSR:-   CSR strategies have the potentiality to help both business and social. If the corporation can make their CSR activities a core part of their business strategy and company culture.


7. PR:-  The relationship between PR and CSR attracts heated debates among public relation practitioner r. Nowadays customers not only need to spend their money in an environmentally conscious company but also CSR is a good way to deliver on their responsibility to do good.


After all the above measures one company should make a report to judge the efforts and achievements of their CSR strategies. The report synthesizes and makes the public, the information organizations decide to communicate regarding their commitments and actions in social and environmental areas. By these actions, organizations let their stakeholders aware of how they incorporating principles of sustainable development into their everyday operations.

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