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Emerging Technologies
Use of Emerging Technologies to combat COVID-19
  05 May'2020

Technologies are the blessing of the entire human being. Decades after decades we have conquered many disasters by using highly advanced technologies. Though sometimes technologies became a curse to the human race and caused massive destruction, for example- atom bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
But most of the time we are profited by the use of many emerging technologies to escape a crisis. The world is now in front of a massive crisis, in this situation how we are using our technologies.


Does our technologies, really work to combat the COVID 19? Let's discuss how


Artificial Intelligence:-  AI is a potentially powerful tool to use against this outbreak of COVID 19 pandemic. Development of AI technologies like natural language processing, speech recognition, machine languages, deep learning, and others such as facial recognition has not only been used for diagnosis but contact. Using AI as a contact tracing tool is helping a lot to identify the asymptotic carriers and curb its worst effects. By using AI one can easily diagnose the immediate patient and send him to quarantine.


Virtual health care assistant or chatbots:-  AI has leveraged its natural processing capabilities to recommend advice on whether they need quantities or isolation.


Disease surveillance AI:-   For an infectious disease like COVID 19, we must trace rapidly to detect whether a person is carrying the virus or not. Disease surveillance is the only way to contain this pandemic. China has made remarkable use of this technology to contain this disease somewhat successfully. India is also using this application to fight against this pandemic. This surveillance is captioning the people who have a travel history from outside India or state. It is being used as a rapid tool to contain the present crisis. It is also being used to determine the direction of transmission.


Data access:-  These technologies needed access to a data connection, including location data. This tool is really important to track a confirmed case and also to alert the localities so that the disease could not spread. For these telecom companies, hi-tech companies and research institutions should work with collaboration. Hi tech firms and leading universities should provide the tools and telecom companies should enhance it for possible best uses and authorities should use it to ensure data sharing. For example, in Belgium collected data sets to provide the health data under the supervision of Belgium health data protection authority to ensure which areas are at high risk so that authorities could action to contain the spread at an early stage. Another example is Austria, a large telecom industry met with an agreement with health authorities to share Anonymous data were in Italy at Lombardy where this disease spread at a maximum level, telecom industries shared and enabled the data-sharing instrument to track and analyze population movement.


Artificial ventilator:-  The world is in a crisis of ventilators with the outbreak of this disease. With severe symptoms, people do need the support of ventilators. Specifically, India is a developing country and already has a shortage of ventilators. The ratio of ventilators among every patient is 10:4. In this critical situation, India is in a need of a yr technology that can support this situation to have control of this pandemic. According to sources IITs from different parts of the country are racing to develop artificial ventilators. Scientists are developing a new technology which will work like a ventilator with support from mobile phones. This will be a huge conquer if India could develop such a thing.


Drones:-  Drones are very useful equipment for police administration to ensure the lockdown is going in the right way. Police are continuously making surveillance by drones to locate people who are breaking the rules of lockdown. This technology was introduced by South Korea to contain the spread, to have a close watch that people are taking things seriously, and maintaining social distance. Around the metropolitan cities, this technology is coming with successful results to ensure the efforts of lockdown.


Aarogya setu app:- This app is specifically launched by the central government to locate and trace a probable person who is at risk of getting this. This application surveying to check whether a person is developing symptoms or has travel history from abroad. Also, this app will let you know if any person who is at risk crossing your path or not by using data location.


Contactless temperature guns:- This gadget is used in many shopping malls, offices, and airports to measure an individual's temperature. This will be very helpful in the rapid test to diagnose this disease.


Telehealth:- This technology is a big success amidst this lockdown period. Many patients with several health conditions are in trouble because they can't avail of their doctors and skipping their regular check-ups. So, any physician can contact their patients by telecommunication in the time of their needs.


Technology can be a game-changer to contain this disease if we can use it properly. Many possibilities are there to fight this pandemic situation. So, time will tell whether the technology to overthrow this coronavirus and save human lives from this COVID-19 pandemic.

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