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Travel For Humanity
Traveling for Humanity
  29 May'2018

While Narayan Seva Sansthan is a well known Nonprofit Organization and is perceived as a humanitarian body that aims at serving humanity, it has a huge network of donors in India and all across the world, who are always ready to contribute for the ones in need. Mr. Prashant Agarwal, being a visionary social reformer, never misses a chance to show his gratitude towards the contributors and to look forward for the opportunities of expansion for supporting the vision of the organization.



He often travels to meet and greet the donors from other parts of the world, to inspire them to have confidence in him and his vision and to thank them for their contributions towards the underprivileged segment of the society. Not just this, during his travels he always explores the places that he visits, to evaluate and analyze them for the scope of work and possibilities. 


This time Mr. Prashant travelled to the three cities – London, Buckingham and Leicester of United Kingdom. His purpose of visit has been to interact with the donors, visit the office at London and to figure out the scope of work in these countries. There is always some way or the other through which we can extend a hand of help to the needy. As we follow the sole ambition of serving humanity, this generous cause has no boundaries and no limitations and so there has been a lot of scope to be able to serve in these countries.


He has been visiting our Office at London to see for if there are any requirements and if a stronger and better networking for the various countries of United Kingdom could be developed through this establishment. Further the availability of resources, spreading the cause among different territories and the ease of connecting with the potential donors have been some of the topics that were attended by Mr. Prashant at the London Office.


He also and most importantly interacted with the valuable donors and well wishers who have been selflessly contributing to extend the much needed help to the ones in need. There have been a huge number of people who have received funds from these donors for the treatment of critical diseases, other expensive treatments, education, skill development, clothes distribution, empowering and liberating the poor class and for several other causes. This all could have happened because of these eminent donors. But there is still a large segment which is awaiting their turn for treatments and other aids. They will be attended, as soon the help and contributions will be extended to them by the donors. This has been one of the prime reasons why Mr. Prashant visited these countries, to meet with the potential donors and to inspire them to connect with the causes, such that one more life could be saved or empowered.


“Service to humanity is service to God. And that God according to various scriptures is in us. Providing selfless service to mankind will provide that non materialistic happiness to the God in us, such that, at the last breath you will only see those images of the smiles that you were responsible for and will know that the life was well lived indeed.”


This is the prime motto of humanity and this is what that drives every effort and every action of Mr. Prashant . He travels, he interacts, he works, he inspires and he has been doing all this, just for the sake of serving humanity, reaching to more and more number of people in need and believing that he will be able to heal the world and making it a better place for the entire human race.


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