Things to consider before making donation to an NGO
Before Making Donation to an NGO
Things to consider before making donation to an NGO
  10 Mar'2018


James 123Russell Miller once said, “Nothing else in all life is such a maker of joy and cheer as the privilege of doing good”.

It is indeed a great humane gesture to give. It is a way to express generosity and kindness towards the less privileged sections of the society to fulfill our social conscience.

Donating for a noble cause can be the most gratifying feeling but many a times we are prone to get hysterical and can rush into the process without checking some significant details about the NGO/ nonprofit.

So if you’re here reading this article, pause for a bit before parting ways with your hard-earned money. We want to make sure you understand that there are certain things which need to be kept in mind before you make a donation in India.

Here are the things you need to check for, before making your contribution:


  • Is the NGO/Non Profit registered?

The first step you need to take is to look for a proper registration. Registered NGOs in India are eligible to obtain a legal status, seek assistance from government agencies, contract funds and support from the relevant departments.

The NGOs registered under the FCRA (Foreign Contribution Registration Act), are eligible to get donations from foreign sources implying a great financial stability of the nonprofit.


  • Does it provide a Safe Payment Method?

The process one follows to make a Donation for NGO is very important. After all, as a donor, you would like to see that the maximum part of your contribution reaches the target NGO.

It is mostly safe to avoid making a donation in cash, and instead trying other options such as cheques, or even better, online payments. The donations of Narayan Seva Sansthan are made online through the SSL gateway ensuring security and privacy to the donors.


  • Do they provide reliable Accountability & Transparency?

In recent times, a couple of NGOs have been caught in scams, concealing illegal ways where the donor funds were not being used for the right social cause. Therefore, the nonprofit’s past achievements and financial position over the years is a must to verify before getting involved.

Check the NGO’s website, social media presence, ongoing campaigns, contact information, on-ground work, financial details, tax status and other relevant features to decide which NGO you want to give your money to. A reliable NGO is always open to any form of Public Scrutiny.


  • Are the donations Tax Deductible?

Be aware of the fact that the donations for certain NGO’s like Narayan Seva Sansthan are exempted from taxes under section 80G of the Income tax.

So, if your philanthropic organization provides you Tax free donation then it’s a cherry on the cake.

 Also, not all donations are eligible for Tax deduction, so you are advised to go through the rules before making a decision.


  • The bottom Line:

If you know a reliable charitable organization and want to support it, do the above research and make the best decisions.

Lastly, you can also try donating through ways other than money, such as getting involved by devoting your time and skills.

Narayan Seva Sansthan is widely hailed as the Top Charity Organization of India and has improved the lives of millions by their cause of providing free treatments and surgeries, skill development, mass wedding ceremonies and what not; for the physically impaired individuals.


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