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Quality Education For Speciaaly Abled
Quality Education Access to Specially Abled Children
  14 Apr'2019

Children have many needs that are to be fulfilled to help them grow up as a successful individual. One of the most basic needs is education that lays the very foundation of the future of a child. It is very important that a child receives quality education for him or her to live a respectable and fulfilled life ahead.


There are many children in India that do not go beyond primary education in their lives due to many reasons. There are many reasons like poverty, child labor, gender bias and lack of educational institutions in backward areas.


All these reasons bring out the educational inequity across the nation. In such a scenario where a large number of children do not have access to basic education, the education for children that are differently abled gets out of questions.


The specially abled children need more care and their education also needs to be highly specialized. This is because they have special needs which have to be catered by their educators. There are very limited institutions in India that offer the facilities needed for specially able children.             


There are some NGOs that are working towards making the lives of the differently abled children better. Narayan Seva Sansthan is one such NGO that works towards improving the life of these children. We have schools to teach these children and the teaching methods are also adopted as per their requirements.

The visually impaired children are provided with study material in Braille language to ensure that they receive a quality education. The use of Braille helps these children in getting the education which is otherwise not possible for them.


The deaf and mute students on the other hand are taught with sign language. It is also kept in mind that all the children can have special needs and that these needs are to be catered individually. All the children are considered special and are treated accordingly.


The awareness regarding these niche problems in the society is very low and therefore they are working hard towards spreading awareness and seeking support for these issues. They function with the help of donations and contributions from their donors. It is a totally not for profit organization that works towards the betterment of the poor and disabled people. All the services that are provided by this organization to the poor and disabled people are free of cost.

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