Soften your resistance to Value Change-Narayan Seva Sansthan
Soften Your Resistance to Value Change
Soften your resistance to Value Change
  19 May'2018

Life flows effortlessly, moment to moment, like a huge gushing river. Every moment, we have the choice, to go with the flow, or to resist it. That is our free will, which is always available to us. In any given situation, we decide what is best for us, and act accordingly. These actions may or may not be in the direction of the flow of life. If our actions arise as a result of connecting to our inner being, as a result of intuition, and as a result of love, then it is likely that we are always with the flow of the cosmos. If our actions arise from fear, jealousy, anger, guilt, shame or greed, if they arise from self preservation and safety, then it is likely that we don’t trust the Universe, and our actions are likely to be resistant in nature, and are likely to be against the flow of life.


Giving up resistance for what we believe to be true, or what we believe to be our right, or correct, is not easy. We are often compelled and forced from inside, as our ego-mind screams injustice, screams destruction, and forces us to push and resist, in an effort to survive and avoid discomfort. This invariably leads to draining of our energies, for we are but a small speck in the Universe, and we obviously cannot take on the forces of Nature or the Universe. But our ego-mind does not think so, and we try and control and manipulate each and every situation, to our advantage.


Whatever you resist, persist, is a well known dictum. As Pema Chodron says "Nothing will go away, unless you have learnt what it has come to teach you". With our resistance, we tend to block the free flow of energy in many aspects of life. Life is flowing, energy is always flowing, but with our anxiety or greed ridden minds, we tend to become a barrier to the flow of life. "Get out of your own way" is another popular mantra that spiritual gurus give us. What it means, is that we have to soften or drop our resistance to the flow, and let things happen.


Why do we resist that unwanted things or situations, or situations that bring us discomfort? We resist because we don’t want to have that experience. But we are here on this earth, in order to experience. And we are here to have every sort of experience, not only the good or positive or beneficial ones. We are Source Energy which has incarnated in this physical form, in order to experience and learn. We have chosen our lessons much before we were born. But having forgotten all that, we tend to resist in many situations, without realizing that resistance often means negatively engaging with the situation and going against the flow. And resistance or escape also means we lose a valuable change to get a particular experience, which might hold great gifts or insights for us.


Common sense tells us that navigating a river downstream is a hundred times easier than navigating upstream. And downstream needs no effort. In fact, it requires you to cease effort, and relax, and let yourself be carried by the river of life. Starting with small things, try softening your resistance. Then your can do the same to the big things in life. And you will discover how life suddenly improves, becomes more interesting and how you find more joy and peace in your life.


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