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Make Donation Smartly
How to Donate to a Charity in a Smarter Way
  23 Jul'2018

You need to use your head as much as your heart nowadays to be certain you’re giving to a charity that will most effectively steward your contribution. After all, you give because you want to support the cause, not pay for the organization’s overhead or peripheral activities like fundraising.


Instead of quickly dashing off a check or dropping some coins in the donation box, why not ensure your donation do the most good with a smarter giving strategy.


Make sure you make the biggest impact by following these simple steps:


Sharpen Your Focus:


Rather than waiting to be asked for a donation by a friend or fundraiser, identify the cause you care the most to give more effectively. For every gift there are certain fixed costs associated with handling it, so the smaller the gift, the larger the percentage of your donation that goes to transaction and administrative costs.

That doesn’t mean you need to limit your giving to just one or two organizations. Set aside the charities that mean the most to you. Narayan Seva Sansthan, the best Charity Organization through which you can help the Disabled making sure your funds are incorporated to towards the cause you select.

And remember, “Any gift is a good gift, no matter how small.”


Conduct an Audit:


Once you’ve settled on your preferred causes, treat your donation like an investment decision. Investigate the charities you’re considering to be certain they are legit and spending funds wisely.

Pull the financial reports and look at the work they are doing, the money they’ve raised, who is on the board, and other financial information.

You can call the charity to get answers to your legitimate questions. If you get a proper insight of an organization, go ahead with the donation.


Ask Around:


Expense ratios are only part of the picture when trying to determine a charity’s effectiveness. To really find out which ones are doing the best work to support their mission, you’ll need to crowd source.

Explore reviews of the work charities are doing by volunteers, donors, and other beneficiaries.

Other easy ways to check out your selected your charity: ask a community of like-minded donors or friends, who’ve given to the charity before about their experience, get involved directly by volunteering, or look up their website to see how they spell out their mission and measure progress.


Commit for the Long Term:


When you feel confident in an organization, consider giving to it on a multi-year basis. To really see the impact of your giving, it pays to build up a relationship with the charity you support. You’ll feel more engaged in the progress of the organizations’ programs, and they will know they can count on you.

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