Serving Free Food in hospitals for patient and attendants
Food in Hospitals For patient
Serving Free Food in hospitals for patient and attendants
  13 Aug'2020

Food is a major issue in India. People who come to state hospitals and other public health services for help are generally from the poor section of the society. They cannot afford to buy food on a regular basis. Narayan Seva Sansthan is a Non-Profit Organization that provides food to the people who come to our hospitals for service. They provide free food to the patients and their families. So, Narayan Seva Sansthan takes care of all their basic needs. They see to it that those people are well fed and do not go to sleep in an empty stomach

Maximum Care in the NSS Hospitals

Hospitals are the place which gives new life to people. Patients come with problems and leave after getting proper treatment and getting cured. But during this time, we often see that the patients and their close ones go through a great deal of trouble. Often in the not so developed parts of the society, we can see how a hospital gets overcrowded as people from all over the area rush to it, either to save their loved ones or cure some of their ailment. It is that when the face several issues other than medical ones. They face the issue of food and shelter. Often, we see that the family members of the patient spending the night on the pavements of the road or under whatever little shelter they get. They face scarcity of food. There is only a fixed amount of time a person can withstand hunger before they lose their sanity. So, often hospitals provide free food services for both the patients and their caretakers.

Free food for all the people

The hospitals like that of Narayan Seva Sansthan provide free patient mealsand free food for their attendants. NSS runs 12 hospitals in total. There are 4 in the Udaipur city and another 8 at Loyara, which is their international headquarter. All of these hospitals are fully equipped with the latest devices to provide the best diagnosis and treatment to their patients. They also have the provision of 1100 beds which is to give maximum comfort and accommodate as many people they want. Besides having these fantastic infrastructures, NSS has also stood firm on its humanitarian activities. It provides free meals to the health workers, the patients and also their caregivers. They do not discriminate as their motto is to serve the poor and the unprivileged people of the society.

Free meals in hospitalsare a vital part of modern-day hospitals. The people who come to government hospitals often form below the poverty level and are unable to afford food from outside regularly. So, when the hospitals provide free food, it gives them security and a much-neededmental upliftment. When they get free food from a hospital or other sources, they do not have to worry about their survival for that time and can care for their patient with full attention. These kinds of social service goes a long way and have a positive effect on society.

Food for all who need

Hospitals are also known to provide free food for healthcare workers. The healthcare workers give their all to recover their patients from their suffering. they give them relief from their pain and give thema new shot at life. So, giving the healthcare workers, free food and other facilities is a vital part of the efficient working of the hospitals. Narayan Seva Sansthan knows very well how to take care of their volunteers. Their doctors and other health workers are well taken care of. NSS has always been the perfect role model on how to treat their employees and also have a proper attitude towards the deprived section of the society. The Sansthan runs its 12 hospitals and physiotherapy centres with utmost care and diligence. They always look to provide the patients with the best possible care which is free of cost. This is one of the many social services Narayan Seva Sansthan performs for the betterment of the poor people, and thus improvement of the society as a whole.

An attempt to keep every belly satisfied

Narayan Seva Sansthan provides free food to the patients admitted in their hospitals. They take total care of their patients, from providing them cost-free corrective surgeries so that they can have a fruitful life and also healthy food so that they can heal fast. Till date, they have provided 39082000 meals to its patients through its food donation camps. They also provide food to the people who come to accompany their patients, that is, their family members and caretakers. NSS takes care of everything. As these people come from a poor background, they cannot afford to buy food from outside on a constant basis, so the Sansthan provides them with the food without any charges which help them in their survival. They provide this humanitarian service in all their hospitals and to all the people who come there for help without any discrimination.

Words from Our President

Prashant Agarwal, the President of Narayan Seva Sansthan added that, “Prior to the lockdown, we used to operate 80-90 patients per day, but after we resumed, there are 6 to 7 patients every day. Due to current pandemic, we are hoping to help as many people as possible with proper precautions while maintaining social distancing. We are also inviting needy students to come and join free skill development courses offered at Narayan Seva Sansthan.”

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