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Rehabilitation of the Differently Abled
Rehab Centers & Services For People With Disabilities | NSS
  12 Jun'2020

According to Hinduism, we believe that there is God in every person, he is all around us, or should I say, he is Omnipresent. Every good deed we do is a good deed on the part of humanity, and Narayan Seva Sansthan has surely done a lot of good on the part of humanity in the last couple of decades. Under the guidance of ‘Manav Ji’, the Sansthan has continued to serve people from the poor and underprivileged sections of the society without taking any kind of payment. The good deeds of this NGO are numerous, so let us see how they have worked for the Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons.


Disability and Rehabilitation Services at Narayan Seva Sansthan


NSS provides rehabilitation of the polio patients who are not able to walk, proper surgeries are done to help them stand by themselves. They run multiple hospitals to serve the poor, they include 4 in Udaipur and 8 at Loyara, each has the necessary latest technologies along with 1100 beds which helps them in serving the people facing challenges.

The Former President of India, Honourable Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam designed FRO calipers, which are being mass produced at our organization and also various other types of equipment that help people with physical disabilities, people who have suffered a physical loss due to some unfortunate incident or since birth. They are provided with this life-changing equipment free of cost which massively helps the Rehabilitation of the Differently-abled.

The most important thing to be self-dependent and lead a happy life is to be financially able. The Sansthan helps the 2specially-abled people by giving them proper training in mobile repairing, computer hardware, and sewing. With the help of these pieces of training, the specially-abled people can offer important services to others and build a little life of their own. All these help are given as a view to providing Rehabilitation of the Differently-abled without charging them a single Rupee. On top of these, they provide the poor and suffering people with lorries containing vegetables with the view to make them economically stable and thus becoming self-dependent.

Computer Training
In today’s fast-developing world, there is no work which does not greatly benefit from the use of a computer. NSS took this into notice and so they provide everyone with the training, especially to those people who have been operated on by the Sansthan and their physical deformities have been minimized.

Mobile Repairing
With 1.3 billion people and a fast-growing population, India is among the countries with the most mobile phones. You will be lucky to find a person without a phone in this age, and the more phones that are sold, the need of servicing also increases. So, the organization provides the poor people with the proper training which makes them self-dependent and they often chose to open a shop or business on their own for mobile repairing.

Sewing Training
Sewing is a basic yet especially important skill in our society. Is there anyone who never had to go through the trouble of using the thread and needles and poked his/her finger in the process? After making the poor and disabled people whole again, they provide the proper training. At the end of the training process, they are even provided with a sewing machine without any cost. In this way, NSS paves the way for many people to be self-independent and earn a living.


SOCIAL REHABILITATIONFor the complete Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons, Narayan Seva Sansthan provides people with an opportunity to fulfil their social responsibility towards society and even foster their businesses with corporate social responsibility. Along with help people cope with their physical disabilities and mental disability, the Sansthan also performs several other roles, such as-

Mass Marriages – We all know how sacred we Indians consider marriage to be. We consider it as a bond made in heaven. Narayan Seva Sansthan helps those underprivileged people realize their dreams. They have united more than 2000 pairs in 34 Mass Marriage ceremonies over the years. It is the blessing we get from uncountable people that helps to go forward in our mission.

Fashion Shows – Did you think that the sewing training was only for doing the little work around the house? Think again! The trainees make dresses for fashion shows from scratch. This builds their self-confidence and gives them the power to face society and lead a healthy life. Over the years, Narayan Seva Sansthan has organized over 20 fashion shows which have been a massive hit in various cities.

Social Awareness – The Sansthan realizes that raising awareness among the common masses and influencing them is as important as anything else. So, they run-
 Blood Donation camps – Hospitals are in constant need of blood to treat their patients. So, NSS takes the help of the public to save lives.
 De-Addiction Campaign – There are several kinds of bad habits which people get too addicted too, and thus destroying their lives and the ones near them. NSS improves their awareness and helps them to quit their addiction to live a better and happier life.
 Mobile Medical Vans – Medical care can be needed to take care of an emergency, and it comes without any warning. So, the Sansthan has equipped portable vans with all the necessary equipment so that they can run to save the people at their time of crisis.
 Polio Pulse Campaign – Narayan Seva Sansthan secures the life of many kids by giving them the “Do Boond Zindagi Ki.

NSS has established an orphanage named ” Bhagwan Mahaveer Nerakshrit Balgrah” in 1990 to give children from the age of 1 to 18 a shelter to live and grow. More than 3000 children have benefitted from these facilities and free accommodation, from food, clothes to education. They also have school for the specially gifted kids, where they can learn at their own speed.

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