What are the positive impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic?
Coronavirus Pandemic
What are the positive impact of the Coronavirus Pandemic?
  21 May'2020

The starting of a new year is always a very joyous moment for everybody, no matter where you are from. Everyone celebrates it with their family and loved one and have lots of fun. A similar thing happened when the year 2020 arrived, everyone greeted it with great hope and excitement. This new decade brought with it many dreams for people who were waiting for a new beginning to their life. But this year has been far from that too say the least. Constant international turmoil was succeeded by a worldwide pandemic which brought almost the entire human civilization to a standstill.

The Coronavirus Pandemic spread in such an extreme manner that there was no way to put a brake on it other than a countrywide lockdown in almost all of the countries around the globe. Originating from China, this virus traveled worldwide, from India to Iran, Italy to Africa, North America to South America. The deaths caused by this Coronavirus Pandemic was massive and still going. There were very few places left on the earth which was not under a complete lockdown. People were confined within their homes, factories were closed, industries were closed, traveling was halted, everything came to stand still, other than the priority sectors like police, medical staff, and others.

People started to adapt to this new problem and molded their work in a manner so that they were  able to a massive part of their daily work, if not the entire part from their own home. This stoppage of life as we know, had a very evident impact on the way of life we know.


We can argue for hundreds of hours about how Coronavirus Pandemic has hurt us, but here let us what has been its positive impacts:-


1. It has helped people to forge genuine relationships
Such is the deadly nature of the Coronavirus is that social distancing became the most useful tool in contaminating it. The lack of a proper vaccine to counter this virus also has not helped us. So, the lockdown was enforced and people who can do their job while staying at home, have done so. By staying at home, people were able to spend more time with their family and do the things that they would not have been able to do during the normal days.

2. Increased the spirit of the community
In the current circumstances, social distancing was the only available tool to fight the Coronavirus, so they enforced total lockdown, and people got stuck to their homes. Because of this, many people who were unaware before about their neighbors got to know them and started to value them. They began to value companionship and the small talks that everyone loves. This, in turn, had a positive effect which led to the increase of the spirit of the community.

3. Lifestyle changes according to health and hygiene
When people began this lockdown, many were puzzled about how their daily routine would go. Then, people adapted to the new circumstances. They used the spare time they had to do exercises and yoga and used various other tools to stay fit at home. They practiced meditation too, which led to the overall improvement of people's mind and body. This lockdown also forced to close down the restaurants and people could not go out to eat. So, they started to eat a more and more home- cooked meal, which is much better for your health than eating outside.


4. Less wastage of food
The Coronavirus Pandemic was so deadly that people became scared to even step out of their houses. The communicable nature of the virus made it impossible for people to trust each other. So, as people stopped going out, they stopped hanging out with their friends and their loved ones at the local restaurants. Various reports suggest that about 4-15% of food becomes a waste in a restaurant. So, as the restaurants got shut down, the wastage of food came drastically down.

5. Scientific breakthroughs to keep connected
Necessity is the mother of invention. When the people got cornered by the spread of this deadly virus and was forced to maintain distance from one another by staying in their homes, they came out with various innovations to stay connected. Whether video calling of the highest quality or doing a conference call with relatives, friends, or colleagues.

6. Caring for those in need

Often a bigger problem is needed to make people aware of their responsibilities and duties. This lockdown helped people realize that. They became more empathetic to the underprivileged people and the Divyangans of the society, resulting in their donation to charitable trusts. They learned that these people have special needs and are always hungry for our companionship and friendship.


7. The environment has benefited massively
Last but not the least, the closure of the industries and factories stopped them from emitting harmful gases into the atmosphere and spilling waste into the nearby water bodies. The roads became empty and the automobiles stopped burning fossil fuels and there was no emission of harmful gases like carbon oxides, nitrogen oxides, and other harmful gases. These helped several polluted cities in reducing their pollution level. The air quality index improved drastically in Delhi and many other polluted cities.

At Narayan Seva Sansthan, various people were helped by our initiatives during this Coronavirus Pandemic, through online donation for charity. Several people have got aid from our relief fund and we want to keep helping people, in these drastic times.

The great words Martin Luther King, Jr. "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy” proves to be so right in these severe times.

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