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Corona Relief Seva
Corona Relief Seva: A COVID-19 Relief Service by Narayan Seva Sansthan
  14 May'2020

When the coronavirus started to spread in China, very few people would have thought it would become such a huge pandemic. The communicable nature of this Coronavirus has resulted in it getting spread all across the world. More than 4 lakhs have been diagnosed with the disease worldwide and of those affected people, more than 2 lakhs have died. Countless people have been affected because of this virus and several countries are suffering both financially and morally. Their economies have been badly hit; people are suffering especially those who are financially weak. They are facing a scarcity of food; they lack even the basic necessary items. They do not have a shelter to call home, they are lacking access to the basic items which have gained high priority due to this pandemic.
Hence, some NGOs and the government have been working hard to provide COVID-19 Relief Seva to the deprived people. They are providing food, ration kits, and shelter to the poor people who have become homeless so that they can keep on surviving.


India's migrant workers are badly-hit by COVID-19 lockdown

India is a country that has a huge number of people who are daily wage earners. Migrant workers are the most badly hit people because of this necessary lockdown. These people are fall in the “informal sector” which contributes to about 80 percent of the total workforce of India. They are the migrant workers who have moved from there home in search of jobs. These jobs contribute to building the infrastructure of our country, they are the laborers who build the buildings which help the economy grow, like factories, hospitals, and offices. They are the laborers who build buildings like apartments, hotels, multiplexes, and malls which provide recreation and safety to the middle and upper class of the society. The migrant workers are the major workforce who work in factories, do the daily deliveries, load or unload cargo from transports, works in small hotels to provide us food, colors our houses to make them look beautiful and provides us with daily transport which helps us to travel in small distances. They stand along the roadside with fruits in their hand or open tea stands to earn a small living just so that, they can eat later in the night. They are selling flowers, which is quite an important part of our daily household.


How NGOs are working for Coronavirus Relief?


There are several NGOs providing relief during Covid-19, among those NGOs, Narayan Seva Sansthan is also playing an active role.
We pledge to provide the homeless and needy people with cooked food daily and items which are needed in their daily life. Our drive to feed the hungry is a very noble humanitarian act. We are providing free meals to the poor so that they do not sleep an empty stomach. By doing so, we are keeping the death rate of migrant workers down and keeping violence in check in the long run, we are helping in their survival which goes a long way in protecting the peace of the society.

Doing such a good humanitarian act is never an easy task, a huge amount of money is needed to feed the poor. So, Narayan Seva Sansthan has created a CORONA RELIEF SEVA FUND whose main objective is to feed the hungry mouths by providing free meals, or packed grocery kits. We are accepting Donations for COVID-19 Pandemic Relief which offer. Our volunteers are working hard to provide food and ration kits to these daily-wage laborers, most of whom have become homeless during this countrywide lockdown. People need to come together and contribute to saving their fellow humans from the hands of doom in this pandemic.

Narayan Seva Sansthan is also working hard to make people aware of the deadly nature of Coronavirus which is causing COVID-19. We are promoting the importance of cleanliness, sanitization, and most  importantly, social distancing. These are part of its COVID-19 Relief Services which is trying to make people know about how this virus spreads and has got the entire world to its knees. We are trying to make people understand how vulnerable are they, so the practice of sanitization and social distancing is of great importance. Divyangs are making masks that are being distributed to the people in need. We are also sanitizing and making the most affected areas free of this virus. We are accepting online donations which is the easiest and safest way of transactions in these times.

Till date, COVID-19 Relief Service:
1. 86250 units of food packets 
2. 4210 families have got rations.
3. 41,000 masks distributed

The people who are doing the noble work of online donation should know about the 80 G tax exemption which is a part of the Income Tax Act. This provides a 50% exemption during the payment of tax on donations given to certain organizations or funds that are recognized by the act. This can be claimed back when filing the income tax returns under Section 80 G.

In these dire times, Narayan Seva Sansthan is giving great effort to its COVID-19 Relief Services. So, it needs help from people who have been supporting us since its foundation. If you want to contribute to our Corona Relief Seva, you can easily do that through online donations which will substantially help us in Serving humanity smoothly.

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