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  10 Jul'2020

The problems faced by the Youth of India
The world we live in is a very unforgiving one. There are cutthroat ruthlessness and betrayal all around. The world is filled with crabs who just want to progress at your cost. You have to be incredibly lucky and fortunate to have good and genuine people and friends in your life. And people who suffer from disabilities, find the world harder. The opportunities available to them are much less and they find it extremely hard to get the respect and acknowledgment they deserve. There are people who have a tough time even considering these people as equals and thus find discrimination to be the easiest way to communicate with people with disabilities.

In the last week of May, the unemployment rate of India stood at 24.3% which was a little higher than the previous week of 24%, and it was also more than the average unemployment rate of 24.2% of the last eight weeks during the lockdown period. We also have to note that the rate of labor participation was marginal to 38.7% in the last week of May from 38.8% in its previous week, which was constantly increasing for the three weeks, according to the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE).

What is stuttering the development of the people?
National Survey for Estimation reported in 2014 that, among the primary school kids, about 60% of those children drop out before they complete class 3. This happens mainly due to the poor background of the kids, so they get in the job market to do menial jobs so that they can earn some money and help out their families. This trend continues to higher standards as the Institute for Policy Research Studies (PRS) reports that many children leave their studies due to poverty and other major issues. 50% of kids do not continue their education after they complete their 10th standard. According to the report of Census of India, by the end of 2021, 64% of people of India’s entire population will be in the working-age group which will mainly consist of people whose age are from 20 to 35 years which will enable India to have a working population which is youngest among the all the countries. Though this a major advantage, the lack of opportunity for these kids to have the proper vocational training and skill learning will leave this enormous advantage null and void.

What should be done to improve the condition of the people?
Narayan Seva Sansthan runs its own multipurpose vocational academy. They impart the necessary skills to the people who ask for help. They are like the friend, philosopher, and guide who is always there by the side of the poor people, when they are left alone, and they suffer in despair. The Sansthan, under the leadership of Mr. Prashant Agarwal, is always working hard to provide those people with an equal platform who have always been disregarded by society. They give them a valuable education of life and they teach them the necessary skills by which they are able to earn their living. Being financially independent is a major step towards having a good life. If you are able to support yourself financially, people do not look down on you, rather, you earn their respect.NGOs like Narayan Seva Sansthan also provides platform for CSR activity to encourage companies to give back to society.

Our Free Vocational Training Services:

Narayan Seva Sansthan’s vision is to make the Divyangs financially independent. As they highly prioritize the employment and empowerment of the people with disabilities, the Sansthan provides free courses for skill development and various training schemes which trains the people to repair smartphones, computer hardware, sewing, and many more, depending on the learning capability of those people. These programs are run with the view to lifting the Divyangs from the grasp of poverty and desperation. NSS helps the Divyangs people in all possible ways so that they become self- dependent in life and earn their own food. Besides providing valuable skills, they are also given the tools and raw materials which improves their chances of employability.

1. Free Basic Computer Course
This 21 st century is the age of computers. Every work that is being done, involves working on a computer. Knowing the basics of computers is a must to be eligible for being employed by an organization. Narayan Seva Sansthan does a great job of providing the Divyangs with the knowledge of computers. The people who suffer from disabilities are treated by the Sansthan are also given training on the basic working of a computer. The operating systems, typing in a proper way, the basics of MS Office, and many more. After doing the necessary courses and getting certified, they learn the necessary skills and make themselves available in the job market.

2. Mobile Repairing Course
Besides making the poor people learn about the basics of computer operations and hardware, they are also taught the skill to repair mobile phones. They are taught about the electronics of the phone, phone communication, assembling and disassembling a smartphone, details of the Integrated Circuits and troubleshooting any problem. After the Divyangs complete the course, they get a job and some people even choose to start a shop of their own to repair mobile phones.Any donation for skill development in NSS goes to its vocational training programs to support divyangs.

3. Sewing and Tailoring Course
The Sansthan also provides sewing courses to both men and women free of cost. The poor people from the disregarded parts of the society are given training so that they become professionals in stitching and tailoring. After the completion, so that they are able to do stitch for professional reasons as well as on a personal level, these people are provided with sewing machines without charging these poor people a single rupee. Both men and women are vastly helped by this program. They are able to make clothes that are worn by the Divyangs and shown off in the talent shows. This gives the designers both an opportunity to earn their living and as well as a platform to show their skills. This massively helps to earn money as they regularly get orders to make clothes for women like sarees, blouses, intricate work of zari on the clothes, and also school uniforms for kids.

4. Modern school for orphans and poor kids
Besides giving the elder the required vocational training to be employable, Narayan Seva Sansthan provides education to kids who are from a poor and underprivileged background. They are provided proper education, taught English which is a vital job requirement and are also taught to use computers. NSS has reached about 2500 children and helped them with proper education which a part of their long-term goal to provide them with a better future.

Narayan Seva Sansthan has focused on making the lives of poor and suffering people since 1985. Through various campaigns, they have been a personification of kindness and humanitarian work. These philanthropic works have made the Sansthan the Best NGO in India and they look forward to keeping on providing help to the people in need. If anyone wants to enroll for these training courses and want to improve their living conditions, they should get in touch with us by clicking Free Vocational Training Courses

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