Narayan Seva Sansthan: NGOs Fighting for the Rights of the Girl Child
Narayan Seva Sansthan: NGOs Fighting for the Rights of the Girl Child
  08 Feb'2022

Even as a number of NGOs are fighting for women’s rights, the birth of a girl child is still not a
welcome occurrence in many parts of the country. From female foeticide to even infanticide,
discrimination in regard to health and opportunities in the favour of boys to early, immature
marriages and considering the girl to be a ‘burden’, this situation not only plagues India but many
parts of the world as well.
When you donate for children in need, how much of it is actually used for the girl child. Though the
strength of children in government and skill-based institutions is steadily increasing, millions of girls
still do not go to school.

The Importance of Empowering the Girl Child
The best children’s charities to donate to are those that do not discriminate based on gender, but
given the current state of children in need, the girl child needs a little extra focus. When it comes to
girls, it is not always just about means or access, as there is another major barrier, which is the
thought of their guardians or the people around them that the girl does not deserve the same
opportunities as a boy as the girl is not one’s own and will leave their home, which makes any
expense seem pointless to them. There are many ingrained thought processes that aim to keep the
girl child downtrodden, believing them to be the weaker sex.
Apart from thinking, simple issues like a lack of proper toilets become some of the biggest
roadblocks in empowering the girl child.
This is an issue of basic human rights. Every girl has the right to education, safety, and much more,
and the truth of the matter is that empowered girls are key to a developed India.
When girls are educated and empowered, there is better family planning, the children too are better
educated, which in the end translates to better wages and escaping the cycle of poverty. When you
donate for the education of a poor girl child, you invest in the country’s future. When an NGO is
fighting for women’s rights they are fighting for the betterment of society as a whole.

Fighting against Female Foeticide and Infanticide
One of the primary objectives of NGOs fighting for women's rights is ensuring the girl child at least
has basic rights and the right to live comes first. Female foeticide is a heinous crime where the girl

child is not even given the chance to live. While female foeticide refers to killing a child inside the
womb itself when it is a girl, infanticide is the killing of newborn babies just because they, according
to the worst of humanity, are the wrong gender.
With several NGOs and social workers spreading awareness and with the government banning
prenatal sex determination has made some difference, educating the masses is more important than

Fighting for the Education of the Girl Child
In 2009, the Right to Education Act provided 6- to 14-year-olds the right to elementary education,
also making it compulsory. This is a gender-neutral law but aims to provide an extra push to
educating girls as it is not just a question of providing access. Prejudice acts against many even as
many others are forced to abandon their education in the pursuit of marriage, while others yet who
somehow manage to reach schools, but then have to be wary of even the slightest misstep as that
would be considered as proof of their incapability, pushing education out of their grasps forever.
Several NGOs today offer not only access to free education but counselling and guidance as well for
children in need, helping them learn.

The Fight against Child Marriage
The minimum age for marriage is 18 years for girls and 21 years for boys and any adult involved in an
illegal marriage is punishable under law. However, many instances of child marriage still occur today.
Not only are girls married off at an immature age, generally to men much older than them, but they
are also immediately expected to take on adult responsibilities and become mothers when they are
neither physically nor mentally prepared for the struggle. Such acts put their as well as their
children’s lives at risk.
Even today, several NGOs are working round the clock to help girls stuck in such situations, helping
rescue them when required, providing them with the necessary skills training, assisting their
rehabilitation, and doing much more to help them secure an independent life of their own where
they can make their own decisions.

Fighting against Domestic Abuse
Whether they are brought up like that or it is just the norm where they live, but too many people,
even in metropolitan cities, consider domestic abuse to be a normal occurrence. There are men who
believe in their superiority and there are women who believe they deserve it. But domestic abuse is
one of the worst plagues that is still rampant in modern society. In this field, NGOs have played a
major role in spreading awareness and providing aid. With women’s cells, survivor counselling, legal

aid, and much more in place, NGOs fighting for women’s rights have a number of aids in place that
can be utilised conservatively, based on each individual situation. The Domestic Violence Act has
been put in place to help women suffering from domestic abuse, whether it is physical, sexual, or
emotional, and the protection extends to their family members like siblings, children, parents, etc.

Given the situation that society is in today, it is crucial to recognise and spread awareness about all
these issues and more that have held back the girl child. The numerous NGOs fighting for women’s
rights and for the girl child are trying to ensure that they receive the protection and support they
need to become their strongest selves, get equal opportunities and are empowered, so they too, in
turn, can empower the entire nation.

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