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Narayan Gareeb Parivar Ration Yojna
Narayan Garib Parivar Ration Yojna- Feed the families in Need
  13 Aug'2020

It is considered that service to the poor and needy human beings is of equal importance to the service to God. In this world we are living, there is endless suffering. someone is suffering from something or the other all the time. But suffering from hunger is probably of the greatest pain, and even greater pain is to watch someone close to you suffering. We get very annoyed and irritated when we see someone who we are affectionate to, is experiencing hunger and pain. This year we have seen a lot of incidents which have forced people to think about their choices till now. How much are their actions responsible for the pain they are suffering and what needs to be done in the future?

NSS helping during Corona Pandemic

One similar such crisis appeared when the whole of India like many other countries was forced to go into lockdown to control the infection rate of the Corona Virus pandemic. thousands and thousands of people lost their jobs. The whole country was in a mess and the people who suffered the most were the daily wage earners. As there were no people on the street, there was no job available for them to do and thus their sole source of income got cut off. These people are so poor that rarely do they any savings which can support them for a long period of time. So, during times of crisis, these people face the maximum threat. Neither they have the employment to support their family nor the medical facilities if something unforeseen happens to them. This is where Narayan Seva Sansthan came to these people like saviours.

  • Essential items during this mass spread of disease

When these people were suffering for food and were going to sleep in their hungry stomachs, Narayan Seva Sansthan came forward with the helping hand. They provided them with food and groceries so that they can feed their family and helped them to survive. They started to do this from the initial stages of the lockdown as they knew that the people are the most severely affected and would perish if no one came forward with help. Since the lockdown began NSS has provided the needy people with 94610 food packets, 51700 masks and 4805 families with ration supplies. They did all this good work just to make sure that no one stays hungry when going to sleep.


  • Ration to help the people survive

The Sansthan not only provided the poor and underprivileged people with food but also with employment. We all have seen how the suddenness of this deadly coronavirus pandemic engulfed us and the people who were most at risk were the police, the sanitation workers, the people of the essential sector and most importantly, the people in the health sector, i.e., the doctors, nurses. Attendants and other medical workers. These people needed the masks and PPE kits to protect themselves from this highly communicable disease, but the existing production capacity was not enough to fulfil the demand. So, Narayan Seva Sansthan started to give the people who lost all forms of employment due to the lockdown the necessary skill training so that they are able to sew the masks and make the PPE kits. This did two things, firstly, provided them with a source of income which will help them to earn while keeping their dignity intact and secondly, this bridged the massive gap between the supply and demand of the masks and the PPE kits

  • Free Ration Scheme

3 months into the lockdown, Narayan Seva Sansthan started a campaign to feed all the poor people, Narayan Ration Yojna which is a “free ration scheme for all workers affected by ‘Covid-19’ pandemic.” Under this scheme, workers and people with a poor financial background and their family members will be provided with food. That ration will consist of 20 kg flour, 2 kg oil, 5 kg pulses, 5 kg rice, 2 kg salt and also 2 kg sugar. The president of Narayan Seva Sansthan, Prashant Agarwal said that “As a part of this new campaign, we would be providing free monthly ration to 50,000 poor-labourer families, in collaboration with donors’ located across India.” He also added that “Even before this scheme, over the last 3 months, free ration service has been provided to more than 7000 unemployed families. Food items, masks, sanitizers are also being regularly distributed amongst the needy. We will continue with our endeavours going forward.”

Every day the poor people of the world suffers, and we can only imagine the pain they go through. We all feel a little part of that pain, but rarely someone does anything to provide them with the much-needed relief. The humanitarian work done by Narayan Seva Sansthan is great in the name of humanity. They helped the people survive who had lost all hope.  Such acts of empathy and kindness are always welcome and praiseworthy.

  • Help Provided at various places

In the Agarsen Dharamshala, the Narayan Seva Sansthan Kaithal branch provided one-month ration, hand sanitizers and masks which are of the utmost importance during this ongoing pandemic to 30 poor families.

The office bearer of Narayan Seva Sansthan, Mr. Rajmal Sharma said that “Ration kits have been distributed to 50,000 people by the Institute in various cities.”Recently, in Makakhpur, 95 poor families this food ration which helped them massively for their survival. The Sansthan also said that these materials will be provided every month for the entire year. These humanitarians aim to help poor people by providing them resources to survive this ongoing situation.

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