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Narayan Limbs and Calipers
Narayan Limbs and Calipers
  10 Jul'2020

Realities of Life
Is life fair to everyone? Does everybody get the same opportunities in life? No, life is not fair, and it definitely is not equal. But life is a challenge that presents itself to everyone with its own set of challenges and obstacles. Different people have to face different difficulties throughout their lifetime. Some people face challenges later on In their life, and some are born with their own challenges. We often see that kids are born with various problems mainly physical. So, let us go on a journey and learn about how a person with physical disabilities, either since birth or due to some unfortunate incident go through their life.


Different people cope with their disabilities in different ways. Some people are born with their disabilities, so accepting it and leading a life with the problems come much easier to him than a person who is inflicted injuries by fate. Humans are the most developed beings on this Earth. We learn to live; in the situation, we belong. We make the habits in our life. So, when due to some cruel accident, a person is forced to accept his disabled body, it is a very tough thing for him. The toughest thing of all is acceptance. Accepting that your life has changed in a drastic manner, you will not be able to do things in the same way as you used to do before. You will not be able to run like the wind or play with your mates like before, accepting these harsh realities is an awfully hard task. Accepting that your life will be limited to wheelchairs or medical aids or calipers, you will need the external support of crutches or some other adaptive technology just to do the basic things, gives a huge amount of trauma to that person.

Disability in India
In India, according to the survey report of the National Statistical Office in 2018, it was seen that the number of people who live their life with some kind of disability is 2.2 percent of the entire population. This statistic also counts people with physical disabilities, i.e., people who use calipers or some kind of assistive technology to improve their mobility. The report added that "In India, the prevalence of disability (percentage of persons with disability in the population) was 2.2 percent - with 2.3 percent in rural and 2 percent in urban areas. Prevalence of disability was higher among males than females."

It is a well-known fact that people with disabilities do not get the proper education which stops them from having a good life, which was proven by the findings of the report as it said, "Among persons with disabilities of age 15 years and above, 19.3 percent had highest educational level as secondary and above. Among persons with disabilities age 3 to 35 years, 10.1 percent attended pre-school intervention programs. Percentage of persons with disabilities of age 3 to 35 years, who were ever enrolled in an ordinary school, was 62.9 percent."

The physically disabled people use prosthetic limbs and calipers to make their lives better and so that they are able to have the minimum freedom of movement. Currently, only 28.8% of disabled people have a certificate of disability and more needs to be done by the government and other organizations so that these people have a better life. It was also seen that, among the people suffering from disabilities who are over the age of 15 years, the unemployment rate was 4.2%.

Free Artificial Limbs and Prosthetics
The people with some sort of physical disability, need an adaptive technology which helps them to perform the daily tasks comfortably. Their workshop makes tools for people who are specifically made to help them. To date, NSS has distributed 351397 calipers which have helped the physically disabled people massively.

Narayan Seva Sansthan Udaipur organized a free artificial limb distribution camp in Aligarh to serve the aged and the underprivileged. Free artificial limbs and calipers were distributed in this camp to 40 Divyangs. The Narayan Seva Sansthan organized Artificial Limb Measurement Camps in Ahmedabad, Delhi, and Jaipur in August. In the same order, similar camps are being organized by Sansthan in other cities for the differently-abled beneficiaries.In both of these distribution camps, several people came forward to make donations for operations so more people could be helped.

Prashant Agarwal, the president of Narayana Seva Sansthan, says, "We are also providing education and vocational training to the differently-abled with the treatment of economically weaker sections (corrective surgery) so that they can develop their full potential and become self-reliant and become independent.” In this camp, Narayan Seva Sansthan distributed 99,133 calipers, 10,000 wheelchairs, and 3,600 tricycles through Artificial Limb Distribution Camp.

The prostatic and orthotic expert at Narayan Seva Sansthan, Mr. Nathu Singh said that “with the help of orthopedic doctors, installed customized prostheses in the camp in the body of PwD.” Over the past 35 years, Narayan Seva Sansthan has provided corrective surgeries to near 4 lakh patients.

Now, Narayan Seva Sansthan is working on organizing artificial limb distribution camps in various cities like Agra, Ahmedabad, Aligarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Jaipur. In over 500 camps organized by the Sansthan all over India, they have helped 1,13,231 people to lead a better life and the freedom of movement. With the help of these prosthetic limbs, now they are able to do their normal activities without any difficulties.

NGOs like Narayan Seva Sansthan are exceedingly rare who take upon themselves to give the proper treatment to a disabled person. They provide for all the medical therapies, from surgeries to physiotherapies at their own hospitals. Then they also provide the people with various adaptive devices like wheelchairs, calipers, prosthetic limbs, and various things that help the person to lead a better life. The Sansthan does all these humanitarian work free of charge and they believe that serving people is as holy as serving God.

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