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  10 Jul'2020

In a country of more than 135 crore people, providing food, security, education, and health care is always a massive challenge. As the current situation stands, the number of doctors and hospitals available for people is much less than satisfactory. Another issue that is of major concern in India is the poverty level. If we take the reports of United Nations Millennium Development Goals, out of the 1.3 billion population of India, about 88 million people are living below the poverty level. These people are not able to afford even basic medical facilities, and they never even dare to dream about private hospitals. The fees charged by private hospitals on a daily basis are probably more than the yearly income of these people. The government must take care of its citizens, providing them with the basic necessities and amenities is always a major priority for the government. But providing help and reaching to all of the 135-crore people is a tough task, to say the least.

So, Non-Governmental Organizations often come forward to help the people where the government falls short. Narayan Seva Sansthan is one such NGO which provides help to the poor and unprivileged section of the society free of cost. To provide the care to these people, the Sansthan has opened a chain of hospitals that are focused to provide proper health care to poor people of the society. Those hospitals are as listed below –

1. Shri Mahesh Sarada Smariti Anna Kshetra Seva Mahatirth Parisar, Loyra (Udaipur)
2. Channo Devi Hada Polio Hospital Seva Mahatirth Parisar, Loyra (Udaipur) 
3. Chenraj Sawantraj Lodha Polio Hospital Manav Mandir, Sec 4 Hiran Magri (Udaipur) 
4. Deedwania (Ratan Lal) Handicapped Seva Sadan Seva Mahatirth Parisar, Loyra (Udaipur) 
5. Atithi Grah Seva Mahatirth Parisar, Loyra (Udaipur)
6. Jayaswal Seva Hospital Sector 4, Hiran Magri, Udaipur
7. Ganga Kishan Netra & Ayurveda Chikitsalay Seva Mahatirth Parisar, Loyra (Udaipur) 
8. Shrimati Indumati Jaswant Lal shah (Tuvawala) Polio Hospital Seva Mahatirth Parisar, Loyra (Udaipur)
9. Atithi Grah Seva Mahatirth Parisar, Loyra (Udaipur)
10. Mira ki Murliya Seva Mahatirth Parisar, Loyra (Udaipur)
11. Matushri Murliben Dungarshi Maru (Sividha Mumbai) Handicapped Seva Centre
12. Rasikbhai Leeladhar shah Naturopathy Hospital Seva Mahatirth Parisar, Loyra (Udaipur)
13. Shikhar Bhargav Seva Mahatirth Parisar, Loyra (Udaipur)
14. Rajendra Harikishan Seva Mahatirth Parisar, Loyra (Udaipur)
15. Late Omprakash Ved Physiotherapy Research Center Seva Mahatirth Parisar, (Loyra) Udaipur


These hospitals and physiotherapy centers help the Narayan Seva Sansthan in its objective to serve the people. Another project which the NSS is building is the “World Of Humanity.” This is a dream ofManavji and Mr. Prashant Aggarwal. Their hard work has helped grow the Sansthan into multiple folds. And now they want to build this massive project which will be nothing less than a boon to humanity. This home of wellness will have all the state-of-the-art technologies which will be focused to help the poor, without charging them for the service. It will have –

 Medical and Physical Aid like pharmacy and physiotherapy.
 Treatment centre for corrective surgeries, attaching artificial limbs and calipers to help the physically disabled.
 Post-Operative Care wards and Intensive Care Unit.
 Diagnosis centre ( X-Ray, Out Patient Department, Lab)

These hospitals and physiotherapy centres by Narayan Seva Sansthan help the people in need day in and day out. They provide free food for all the members of the families, education for the kids, employment training for the adults, and organizing mass weddings. They do all this work for the poor and the disabled people who have very few people to take care of them. The “World Of Humanity” will have a place for everything. To be said frankly, it will be a one-stop service centre for all the poor and unprivileged people of our society. Lest I forget to mention, Narayan Seva Sansthan operates on disabled people and provides them with the necessary tools to make their life more fruitful. They provide prosthetic limbs and calipers to physically disabled people. They also provide canes, crutches, normal and powered wheelchairs, and tricycles which helps physically handicapped people massively as those aids and appliances improve their mobility. All of these good works will be done at “World Of Humanity.” NSS is really doing great work and their humanitarian works are only bringing positivity to the humans.

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