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Narayan Empowerment Centre
Narayan Empowerment centre
  27 Jul'2020

The world is a funny place. The reality of life is totally different than what is said. People say that money does not matter, only good heart matters but the ugly truth is that this world runs on money. If you do not have the purchasing power, you cannot buy what you want. You will not be able to fulfill your desires if cannot afford it. Begging does not bring any pride or acknowledgment in this world. Either you have for what is yours or snatch the opportunity and use it to its full potential and to have that power to take what is yours, you need money, and that is the bare and ugly truth of the world live in.

With the rapid growth in population in the last several decades, mainly after the modernization and growing facilities. But the job market has not been able to keep up its pace which has resulted in an ever-growing trend in the rate of unemployment. If one does not have the skills, then it is very tough for him to be employed, and this issue is far worse for the disabled people. The people with special needs cannot perform a task at a similar speed to other normal people and they need additional aid too. These issues create a problem for disabled people.

Narayan Seva Sansthan gives job training to the disabled people who go through corrective surgeries by their hospitals and other people who come to them for help. They give them valuable training so that they become employment ready and can earn their own living. The Sansthan knows that this world is a digital world and everything that happens, involves computers and mobile phones. So, NSS provides those people with training to repair computer hardware. They are also taught about the basic functions and operations. They are taught to use computer applications which are widely used in almost all sections of work, like MS Office. As of now, in India, there are more mobile phones than there are people, so it is common sense to know about how to repair phones. The Sansthan realizes the need of the hour and imparts these valuable pieces of knowledge to the people with disabilities and who are coming from the poor and lowly background which massively empowers those people.

Besides needing extra help, disabled people, mostly in India, come from a poor and deprived background. They often do not receive even primary education. The hardships they face in life pull them back when they want to move forward towards a happy future. People with disabilities face difficulties that just never seem to end. They do not receive a proper education, which inhibits in their path to acquire the necessary job skills which further results in them not getting a respectable job that ultimately leads to a life of endless trouble and dissatisfaction.

Narayan Seva Sansthan is a non-profit organisation that, since its establishment in 1985, has been a beacon of hope for these poor unprivileged people. This nonprofit organization has shown that every human deserves to be treated as a human. Everyone deserves proper food, proper shelter, proper education, and lastly, the means to a happy life. To fulfill their mission to give every life a chance to a happy life, the Sansthan started its Empowerment Centre. They believe that the core of a person to be satisfied with his life, he first needs to be employed. When a person is employed, he becomes financially indecent. Metaphorically speaking, they become able to stand on their OWN FEET.

Without any kind of gender discrimination, disabled people are taught how to sew and make new clothes. This gives wings to their imagination and creativity and also makes them employment ready, either they can work in a shop or use that skill for domestic purposes. Besides training those people, the Sansthan also gives them sewing machines which are a massive help for them. To date, NSS has provided poor people with 5220 sewing machines.

The empowerment center of Narayan Seva Sansthan has provided more than 2400 disabled people with vocational training. This training helped them to get a job, which laid down the path for them to have a happy and satisfying life. The Sansthan’s future aim of building the World of Humanity (WOH) will be a massive push forward. It will host all the humanitarian works of Narayan Seva Sansthan and will be a one-stop dream fulfillment for the poor and disabled people.

Mr. Prashant Agarwal, the president of Narayan Seva Sansthan said that "According to industry data, the healthcare industry will be $372 billion by 2022. We are witnessing healthcare and education become highly expensive while World of Humanity is a one-stop solution where everything is free of cost. This is a noble cause to support and bring more differently-abled into the mainstream." This is why the World of Humanity Center is the need of the hour as it will provide the people with the necessary corrective surgeries, which currently stands at a whopping 418750 people and the vocational skills which will make them employment ready.

Within 3 years, the World of Humanity Center will become operational which will provide services like food and clothing and also education to the kids. The Sansthan will bear the cost of all the free diagnostic checks and treatments. They will provide care after the operation which includes the medication and the physiotherapy in the 450 bedded hospital. The WOH will also be the abode of the social works of the Sansthan. There they will provide vocational training, teach them to do Art and Crafts, repair mobiles and computers and will give them all the knowledge necessary to be eligible for employment. NSS will also organize their Mass Marriages in this Empowerment Centre, like the 33rd Mass Marriage they organized recently.You can play your part and help build this center when you donate money to an NGO.

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