Mom is the Word-Narayan Seva Sansthan
Mom is the Word
She’s all shades of Love: Mom is the Word
  13 May'2018

It goes without saying that mom is the toughest, most rewarding person out there and never a day passes by where we aren’t grateful to her hard work and sacrifice for our families. This mother’s day let’s take a special chance (although…everyday is a new opportunity) to say that we love her and thank her for everything she does.


“It’s interesting to know that when we want to express how important something is, we describe it as the “The Mother of all”. The phrase in itself describes mother as the supreme. She’s the universe that encapsulates very form of life”.


As we anticipate this Mother’s Day, let’s look at few phrases that point us to realize many ways in which mothers play an important part in the world. To spark a new appreciation, maybe reflecting on how strong the word “Mother” is, will help you insure that she is honored well and even inspire meaningful ways to honor your mother on this Mother’s Day.



Mother Nature:

There’s no doubt why nature is referred as our mother. Nature is the generous provider of all the things in the world. It nurtures, protects and gives birth to different floras and faunas. Calling nature a “Mother” is a common personification of nature that focuses on the life-giving and nurturing aspects of nature by embodying it, in the form of the mother.


Mother Board:

  This central part of a computer is its heart which enables all the other programs to keep running well. Similarly, moms seem to have a unique ability to operate on so many levels simultaneously. We should appreciate her skills for constantly being attuned to and connecting with the different emotional needs of our family. Imagine how exhausting it would be to be alert on so many fronts?


Mother Tongue:

There would be no communication without a common language that we adhere from the beginning of our life cycles. From the first word “MAA” itself, how the child speaks, reacts and communicates is a reflection of its mother’s. It’s really important to have someone who understands our words and our actions in the rawest form. Mothers have this gift of “reading between the lines” and so their connection with our language and expression is exclusive.


Mother Ship:

From here, people set out in smaller crafts to find their own way, knowing they can always return for supplies, support, and sustenance. One of the greatest gifts a child can have is a mother who knows how to help them hoist their sails and strike out on their own while always knowing they have the home port to go back to. This is selflessness at its richest.


The word “Mother” is a complete identity in itself. It has always been and always will be the best synonym of loving, caring, giving and nurturing. She is the one whose love never fades and will remain as the most special and the dearest. No matter how far we go to revolutionize a perfect term for everything that’s extremely special, we would land up to a word that has got the most distinct meaning – MOTHER.


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