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Physically Disabled Kids
Life of the Staff and Parents of Physically Disabled Kids
  08 Jun'2020

Oscar Wilde once said, “The best way to make children good is to make them happy.” Children are the gift of God and an embodiment of everything that is pure. Kids have a golden heart and are the cutest creation on the face of the earth. When parents are blessed with kids, it adds a new chapter to their life. It gives them a feeling of compassion and lets them be a family. You can often see that, a couple finds new happiness and meaning to their life when they are blessed with a kid. It brings them close, improves their understanding, and makes them whole again.

India is a country of 1.3 billion people, and there are more than 2% of people with special needs. Daily kids are born to people, most of them are born normal and some are born with special needs. Whether a kid is a normal kid or a disabled kid, parents do not discriminate. They surround their kids with care, compassion, and love. It has been found that this puts a considerable amount of pressure on the parents of kids with special needs, though their love for his/her kid is unconditional, they are humans after all. So, let us see how the life of the parents and caregiver of physically disabled kids is and how should they cope with it.


What responsibilities are needed by parents of a special needs child?


1. Self-help is the biggest help - Parents of kids with special needs should always remember that they are the only support their kids can depend on. They are their primary caregiver in this unforgiving and cruel world. So, if they do not take care of themselves, they most definitely will not be able to take care of their handicapped children.

2. Grieving is the not the solution – There is no benefit for you if you indulge yourself in pity parties, you will get the sympathy of many but that will not help physically challenged child have a better life. To give them a better life, you will have to embrace all your emotions and put that into good use. You will feel better if you talk about it or give words to your feelings. You will find that much more empowering.

3. Your will power is the most vital weapon you have in your arsenal. Kids with developmental disabilities need constant care and need to be looked after. It is a very hectic task to do daily. So, if you cannot the faith in yourself, you will not be able to do justice to the gift of God. You must always find something that will give you the strength to go on. Along with this, you can help empower other children with similar needs. This can be done by making a donation for disabled children at a reputed NGO in India.

4. Live every moment to its fullest – When you wake up in the morning, be grateful that you have another day to spend with your kid. When you have your lunch, go out for a movie, play with your kids, enjoy every moment. Never let the disabilities come in between the happiness of you and your kid.

5. Self-assessment is particularly important in our life. The questions we ask ourselves, guide us to do the things we do. It either motivates us to do something good or discourages us from doing something which is not worth doing. Caring for your kid is a very vital task, so you should never ask “why me?” but instead ask “how can I?”. This will empower you further.

6. You should never be too shy to ask for help. Raising a kid is never an easy task especially when that kid is suffering from childhood disability. His every action needs to be monitored, so one person cannot do that job constantly. You should take breaks when you feel it necessary. Try to keep your mind at peace, learn to delegate tasks when you are unavailable. The only thing that matters is you.

7. Doing this mammoth task day in and day out is not an easy task. You always need to be on your toes and look forward to learning about new coming mechanisms. Three golden words that you should abide by are Organize, simplify, and streamline. Organize the tasks you have to do, simplify complex tasks into smaller parts, and get them done with the least amount of trouble.


8. Broaden your circle – Get to know more people who go through similar things like you. Grow your network with families who also have a physically challenged child, you will exchange your views, learn from each other, and share the load among yourselves and take proper rest.

Always be truthful with yourself, take care of yourself as you are the only person who is entirely responsible for your disabled kid. If you have a healthy mind and body, you will be able to dedicate yourself to the growth of your kid and do justice to him. Parents who wish to interact with like-minded people should get in touch with a trusted NGO like Narayan Seva Sansthan. Making a donation for skill development at such a charitable organisation can help in empowering children with disabilities in the best way possible.

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