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Learning life differently!
  10 Jul'2018

Human beings by the very nature of their vision and thought process, are able to see only one aspect of a thing, an event or a person at any given time.


We live in linear time and our ability to process information is not simultaneous, but linear. We can think thoughts one after another but we cannot think ten or twenty thoughts at the same time. This limitation often leads us to look at things and persons with one single perspective. When we are dealing with a situation or a thought, we tend to see only what is obvious or what is in front of us; not realizing that everything in the universe has more sides and attributes to it. If we were able to literally tilt our heads, we can have a different perspective of everything, having a more rounded view of life ultimately making us far less judgmental and way more accepting.


Whenever we see a particular behavior in a person, we automatically judge it as good or bad, wanted or unwanted. If the behavior of the other person suits us, is comfortable and convenient to us, we end up calling it good, as it makes us happy. If the behavior contradicts our expectations, our comfort zone, our belief systems; we label it as bad or unwanted.


We need to become empathetic and need to move in that person’s shoes, to see why he or she behaved in a particular manner. When we stick to our perspective, we become uni-dimensional and end up with more judgments, anger, hatred, irritation, jealousy and grief.


Our globe is a ball and is impossible for any human being to see the earth from any angle and conclude about its totality. To view the earth completely, we need to constantly keep moving around it, both horizontal and vertical directions, to be able to cover the earth. When we are focused on one part, we cannot see other part which intersects our concentration.  Favoring one opinion, we tend to lose totality and meanly discriminate other possible opinions.


What we need is a more GLOBAL VIEW!


When faced with situations, try and take a global or complete or a different view, rather than trying to have narrow tunnel vision. It is obvious that even when we meet someone, we can see that person's face, but cannot see his/ her back at the same time. If we shift behind that person, we can see the back but we lose sight of the face. To see the person totally, we would constantly have to keep moving around him and changing our opinions about him. Likewise, we need to constantly be gathering, editing and updating our information about people and events, so as to get the complete picture and complete truth, rather than to stand in one place and get only one fixed, partial view of situations, people and human behavior. Everything in this Universe is dynamic and constantly changing...and that makes it necessary for our opinions and perspectives to also be constantly changing....to be in sync with reality.


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