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Rabindranath Tagore An Inspiration
Rabindranath Tagore – An inspiration to live your life to the best!
  07 May'2018

5 Quotes of Rabindranath Tagore you need to read right now, to change your philosophy about Life!


7th May- The Birth Anniversary of A Great Poet, Nobel Laureate and the Author of our National Anthem Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore.

His immense contribution in shaping the Nation’s conscience during the National Movement and beyond shall always be cherished. But while talking about him, how can we forget his life- changing philosophies, who else can inspire us better than Rabindranath Tagore, to live our best lives.

Through his writings, he covered every aspects of life – love, friendship, courage, challenges, difficulties, education everything.

Let us share with you some of those philosophies here in this blog-



Rabindranath Tagore Inspirations


Education is turned into a meaningless competition today, where young minds are forced into participating every day. Getting good marks and degrees is being given most importance, than acquiring real knowledge and implementing it to create something meaningful.

That's why we need to remind ourselves what 'education' really means.

What is the value of education if we forget to appreciate the gifts of nature, abandon kindness and become afraid to love?



An Inspiration To live your life


Often we hear adults saying to younger people "Do you know than us? Do you understand life better than us?

And this is how potential stars waste their lives living like lamps. Never limit your children or students with your own limitations.



Live your life to the best


Today when the world around us is teaching us to avoid difficulties or take shortcuts, we need to remember that Rabindranath Tagore taught us to fearless and face all the dangers and difficulties in life.



An Inspiration


In spite of so much progress and development, more and more people are becoming pessimist. Next time you think about giving up, remember these lines by Tagore.

Mind :


Rabindranath Tagore-Inspiration


Law of Attraction. We are programmed from our childhood by people around us to think and feel according to what is happening to us. If life is going good, feel good. If life is going tough, feel bad. Most people live their whole lives never realizing the catch point.


We hope following his philosophies will not only transform your life but will also inspire you to study your mind!

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