State of Hunger in India | Narayan Seva Sansthan
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State of Hunger in India | Narayan Seva Sansthan
  06 Jul'2020

Food, what is food? A means to stay alive. Or the reason to live? Everything we do in life, either from gaining proper education to do exercise regularly, every big or small thing contributes to our future. But everything important finds its place after food. The need to satisfy our hunger is of prime importance in all living beings. From a single cell amoeba to the most developed multi-celled organism, human beings. Every day we need a certain quantity of food which acts as fuel and gives us the energy to go on. Along with quantity, our diet should also be balanced as we must consume all the necessary nutrients and macro-nutrients that keeps us safe from various diseases.

Our country India is the second most populated country, only after China and the rate at which our population has been growing over the last couple of decades, it will not be long before we clinch the top position. This huge population comes with its positives and negatives. India can offer one of the cheapest labor in the world market which is only possible due to our enormous population, but to sustain this population and keep them healthy, they need to be given proper food which we have not been able to do in the recent years. As per the Global Hunger Index of 2019, India stands at a lowly 109th spot among 117 countries, which is a major fall from its 2018 ranking of 95.

The GHI is calculated based on four factors –
 Undernourishment.
 Child wasting, which is the number kids below five, whose weight is low compared to their height.
 Child stunting, kids under the age of five who have a low height for their age which reflects serious malnutrition.
 Child mortality, the death rate of kids, five years or younger.

The GHI reports about the key facts about hunger in India which shows the State of Hunger in India. in recent years, the share of wasting among the kids has increased substantially, which denotes how much kids are undernourished in India. the child wasting percentage which was at 16.5% in the pefrom2012, became 20.8% in the pefrom2018. Of all the children age 6 to 23 months in India, only 9.6% of those are given a “minimum acceptable diet”. The report also adds the rate of child wasting is highest in India with an incredibly high rate of 20.8%.

These huge numbers which show us how the poverty-stricken people are affected by hunger. Let us learn about some of the causes of Hunger In India-

1. Lack of access to nutritious food and safe drinking water – It is a myth that food is scarce in India. India always produces surplus crops, but the poor people often stay deprived of it. of the major reason is their financial condition. They are unable to afford proper food for them, their kids, and other members of the family. According to some reports, it is known that 23.6% of the Indian population or roughly 276 million people survive with less than $1.25 per day. This shows how poverty is indirectly leading people towards hunger and thus they become undernourished in India. water is another name of life. The poor people do not have access to safe drinking water on a regular basis which adds to the unhygienic practices which are the main cause of them becoming vulnerable to water-borne diseases which directly results in chronic malnutrition.

2. Conflicts – We often read in the news that poor unprotected people are forced to flee their native place. They have been forcefully driven away from their homes, their land on which they practice farming, which is often their sole source of income. These people are then forced to move to other places, which are foreign to them and they are derived from the basic necessities of life, which starts a vicious cycle of poverty and thus hunger.

3. Climate change – A problem caused by humans, which they are still doing on a massive scale. We have seen the drastic effects that even the minimum change in a place’s climate can have on its flora and fauna. The rising sea level has caused major causes of worry for the low-lying coastal regions. In the last couple of decades, it can be seen how many natural disasters like cyclones, droughts, and floods have increased. These disaster causes major harm to the infrastructure and diseases spread rapidly, all of which results in the suffering of the poor, thus hunger.


How to eradicate hunger in India is the major point of discussion. With the massive population in India, and infrastructure which is massively underdeveloped and undermanned, there are long paths to take before all the problems of the poor people are solved. The State of Food Security and Nutrition Act of 2013 was formed to give these people nutritional food at affordable prices, but that is still a dream. With the inability of the states to reach all of its citizens equally and draconian laws like the caste system they still prevailing in various parts of our country, people will keep on suffering.

As per Global Health Indicator’s recommendations, the concerned government and the various international groups should intervene at once and provide the necessary aid to the people suffering from disasters and grave poverty. The infrastructure should be appraised and improved which will result in better health and supply of nutrition to all the underprivileged people of India. as our Father of Nation, Mahatma Gandhi said, " There are people in the world so hungry, that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread”,so we should all do our part to help poor people and strive to do what is right as humans, the greatest creation of God.

Narayan Seva Sansthan works hard daily to provide food to the poverty-stricken and underprivileged people of India. they provide them with groceries and food rations and make sure that they do not go to sleep in an empty stomach. NSS organizes several camps and always works for the good of the humans, which is ultimately the greatest service to God.

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