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How to take care of a child with special needs? - The Ultimate Guide for Parents
  16 May'2020

As the world progresses, the population keeps on increasing and so there is a rise in kids with special needs. Often, we find kids are born with some kind of abnormalities, so they need special attention and care from their close ones. People in every field, be it sport, education, or who are in the public service sector needs to learn how to interact properly with these kids. There are many adults, who are well educated and trained in their respective fields, volunteer to help the special kids but lack the knowledge and expertise on How to take care of a child with special needs?

So, here we will talk about 8 such important things that need to know about taking care of a child with special child.

1. Interact
When interacting with a special needs’ child, one needs to be very polite with them, maintain a comfortable physical contact, like holding the child’s hand, comforting him by placing one’s hand on his shoulder, or even showing affection by touching his face. These gestures make the kid comfortable with the speaker and learn to trust him. Another important thing is to maintain eye contact as much as possible while you are talking to the kid.

2. Observe
There are some kids with special needs who take in information differently may not be able to express his discomfort. Each child’s behavior is different, and they do not communicate in the same way. So, you need to be aware of how the kid is reacting to you and what is he trying to say. If you are unsure about what he is trying to convey, ask his parents or some adults to help you.

3. Use common sense
When putting the kids in an adaptive sport, you should be aware of the individual needs of kids with special needs. You cannot put them in a similar group as the other kids and expect them to perform similarly. They need to be given a comfortable space of their own and should be given freedom so that they can slowly decide for themselves. Common sense is very necessary when dealing with kids’ disabilities.

4. Be Flexible
You cannot be rigid with the way you handle or teach the kids about different topics. Inclusive child care is especially important when working with a special need’s child. Some kids are too attached to their parents to let them go, so you need to make the parents apart of the activity and then gradually phase them out. If a kid has trouble with his moto skills, then give him a partner to practice with, this will help in improving his skills and also build the bond of friendship.

5. Be Consistent
It is rocket science about how one should behave with kids. Kids, whether normal or someone who has special needs, all need to take care of similarly. Special attention should be given to kids and their needs should be taken care of individually. Kids feel comfortable if they have someone to rely on and can communicate with someone constantly.

6. Use auditory, visual, and proper means of communication
One of the most important attributes to have when dealing with kids is empathy. If you have empathy in your heart for everyone, you will be able to understand how he reacts to his surroundings. Some may respond to a friendly handshake, funky whistling, or a calming song. The child care providers need to be smart about how they deal with the kids with special needs.

7. Have a well thought out plan and have a back-up.
It is never a bad idea to think things through. Having a detailed and well-stacked plan is the key to success. It is always a good plan to give the kids some creative art activities, which will engage the kids and give something interesting to do. The kids can take part in these activities which help in improving their motor skills and communication skills.

8. Have a Positive Nature
Parenting special kids is never an easy task. It takes a huge amount of patience and common sense to work well with special needs kids. It can be a difficult task to give constant attention to those kids, so having a positive attitude is especially important, as this will give you the will to go on and overcome the difficulties.

In everyday life, we come across many people who need special attention, so it is particularly important to do caring for children with special needs. At Narayan Seva Sansthan (NSS), we care for people with special needs and give them the care they need. They are given proper care and training so that they can become a constructive part of society.

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