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Drug Addiction
How to prevent Drug Addiction
  26 Jun'2018

Drug Addictions have been penetrating into our society since a long time now.  No matter how many efforts are being taken in the line to curb them, the problems persist.

Drug addictions and substance abuse being one of the topmost threats to the young nation are constantly needed to examine.

What should you be doing if you are the one experiencing this life threatening addiction?

And what are the means in which you can help your loved ones and acquaintances come out this disastrous circle?

While it’s practically impossible to prevent anyone and everyone from using drugs, there are things we can all do to avoid drug and/or alcohol abuse. By sharing this knowledge with those closest to you, you yourself may be able to prevent them from doing drugs, too.

Let’s discuss this further in our blog!


  1. Effectively deal with peer pressure.

The biggest reason young people start using drugs is because their friends utilize peer pressure. No one likes to be left out, and people find themselves doing things they normally wouldn’t do, just to fit in. In these cases, you need to either find a better group of friends that won’t pressure you into doing harmful things, or you need to find a good way to say no. People should prepare a good excuse or plan ahead of time, to keep from giving into tempting situations.


  1. Deal with life pressure.

People today are overworked and overwhelmed, and often feel like a good break or a reward is deserved. But in the end, drugs only make life more stressful — and many of us all too often fail to recognize this in the moment. To prevent using drugs as a reward, find other ways to handle stress and unwind. Take up exercising, read a good book, volunteer with the needy, and create something. Anything positive and relaxing helps take the mind off using drugs to relieve stress.


  1. Seek help with Mental Illness:

Mental Illness and substance abuse often go hand in hand. Those with a mental illness may turn to drugs as a way to ease the pain. Those suffering from some form of mental illness, such as anxiety, depression or post traumatic stress seek help of a trained professional.


  1. Examine the Risk Factors:

If you are aware of the Biological, Physical and Emotional risk factors you posses, you are more likely to overcome them. A history of substance abuse in the family, living in a social setting that glorifies drug abuse and/or family life that models drug abuse can be risk factors.


  1. Keep a well-balanced life:

People take up drugs when something in their life is not working, or when they’re unhappy about their lives or where their lives are going. Look at life’s big picture, and have priorities in order.


These were the top 5 things you can ignore or inculcate in order to live a healthy and sound life. Remember it’s always better to control the symptoms of addictions and resist them from recurring.

Trust in yourself and your family before handing your life to a dreadful dangerous monster – Addiction.

Narayan Seva Sansthan constantly organizes de-addiction camps to help save the lives of millions of such people, who discover addictions.

It’s time we step up to a society that is addiction and Drug Abuse free!



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