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Covid 19-Maintain Social Distancing
COVID: What is social distancing? How to practice it?
  01 May'2020

Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, scientists have found the only way to contain the Novel Coronavirus, and that is social distancing. Now, what is social distancing & how we should practice it? Social Distancing means avoiding social gatherings and social contact to stop the spread of this fatal virus. As we don't know particularly who is affected by the novel coronavirus, we don't know whom to avoid. So we must avoid people as much as we can. This is one of the best ways to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 virus and prevent community transmission.


How to Practice Social Distancing?

For some people, it can be really hard to practice physical distancing, but it should be followed for the greater good. People have to be very disciplined in this situation because the enemy we are fighting is not only invisible but also highly contagious. We must be very cautious when it comes to social distancing, that is the only way we make us and our surroundings safe and healthy. Here is how we need to practice social distancing:

No Social Gathering:-

The first thing we have to keep in mind is to stop social gathering, whether it can be a club party or a get-together, no such things can be arranged keeping in mind this pandemic situation. Across many countries, many people formerly took it lightly and are now critical. In countries like the USA, Italy, UK and France, total deaths due to COVID-19 are increasing rapidly.

Physical Distancing:-

According to WHO (World Health Organization), this virus can reach up to 13ft. So, we must keep a distance while talking to or meeting someone. In this way, if an infected person sneezes in front of you, you won't get affected because of maintaining a physical distance. Keeping in mind these things while talking to someone you know for years is somehow difficult, but there is nothing that can complement precautions. So, every time we need to keep in our mind if we are taking it lightly we are making us and our family more vulnerable to this disease.


Quarantine is a medical term that means separation and restricting the movement of a person who may have been exposed to contagious diseases. Keeping in mind the rapid spread of this disease every government or health organization has put this measure to contain the spread of this disease if any person has any travel history from abroad or any state which is the hotspot of this disease. But nowadays when the disease is somewhat spread among the community every person should complete his/her quarantine period because in some cases the disease shows no early symptoms and asymptomatic persons are the silent carriers.

Avoid handshakes:-

Shaking hands is the most accepted way to greet someone. But in this situation shaking hands must be avoided. To stop the spread of COVID-19 these measures are the only way to contain this virus. ‘Namaste’ or ‘Namaskar’ a greeting by pressing both the palms together while the fingers pointing upwards is the perfect alternative of a handshake.

Avoid Shopping Daily:-

To avoid mass gathering daily shopping should be avoided. Food is no doubt the most important thing of livelihood, purchasing luxurious items should be avoided. Instead of going to the market daily, online shopping should be preferred.


Isolation refers to the separation of sick people with the disease from people who are not sick. If any person is sick and seems to have the symptoms he or she should self isolate himself. This measure is highly recommended by WHO and CDC for those who are having symptoms like sneezing, fever, and flu. It could be due to season change and could be a simple fever but he or she should not take any chance just to keep his family and near ones safe. As this disease is contagious one should be really careful and follow every step with due care. If any person is seen to have severe symptoms like difficulties in breathing severe pain in muscle he should immediately be taken to a hospital because sometimes this disease is fatal especially for old aged people and people who are already suffering from other diseases or have chronic problems like heart disease, lung disorders.

Stay at home:-

Because humans are the carriers of this disease, mass gathering should be avoided. As per information, no other medium is responsible for this disease so we must not gather as this could be the key to the spread of this disease. One should try to keep himself at home as far as possible. So stay at home and keep maintaining social distance practice as it is the only way to fight this virus and keep yourself safe.



As this has become a global pandemic we have no choice but to follow the government instructions. Lockdown has been implemented throughout the globe and social distancing is being practiced. Now it is on the hands of common people that how they are responding to authority's call to contain this virus. It is only us who can prevent this virus by staying at home and sanitizing our hands frequently. So, everyone should be aware of and follow the instructions strictly.

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