How to be Happy: 6 Ways to be Happier
6 Ways To Be Happier
How to be Happy: 6 Ways to be Happier
  25 Mar'2018

How To Be Happy?


Happiness cannot be defined very easily; everyone has a different idea of happiness. Some people feel happy when they give and then there are people that feel happy when they receive. For example, for some people happiness is in volunteering or social service and for others happiness is when they receive love or friendship from other people. With such varied ideas about everything, it is not easy to devise a strategy for happiness as it works differently for everyone. But there are some measures or let’s say little steps that can be taken by everyone to be comparatively happier in life. The below methods shed some light on how to be happy for everyone:

Find What Makes You happy

As mentioned above, the idea of happiness is different for different people and it goes the same for you. You cannot find happiness in the same things that give happiness to your friends or family. For finding out what gives you happiness, you need to reflect on your behavior i.e. your actions and reactions. The simplest way is to find out which of your actions bring out the happiest reactions. It is not difficult to find it out when you are consciously monitoring your actions.

First Love Yourself to be Happy

Self-love is getting very popular these days, companies are selling many products in the name of self-love like face masks, bath bombs, and scented candles. Truth be told, none of these things work out if you do not truly love yourself. True love for anything comes from within and not from any superficial products. You have to learn to be confident in your skin and put away all the negative thoughts about yourself.

Be Selectively Social

This is a very important aspect of a person’s happiness. People say you are an average of five of your closest people and it is as true as it gets. You choose your mood by choosing your company and therefore you should make sure to spend more time with happier and optimistic people as compared to pessimistic and toxic people. A simple way to recognize who you should be spending more time can be observing how you feel after meeting a certain person. If you feel satisfied and happy after meeting or talking to someone you should continue to spend time with them. On the other hand, if someone makes you feel exhausted and irritated after interacting with you, it is better to take a step back and evaluate your association with that person. Many studies have shown that spending time around happy people results in increased overall happiness.

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

We are living in a world where comparing ourselves to someone else is almost inevitable. The main reason behind this is the constant use of social media as everyone is posting their victories and pretending to have a perfect life. It is very important to understand that like us no one else is highlighting their failures or wounds in front of the world. Because of social media one ends up comparing the best of other people with the not so good parts of own personality. The understanding of our strengths and weaknesses does not come by such comparisons. And if one truly wants to be better, he/she should be focused on self-improvement and not a comparison. If you re someone who uses social media a lot, consider taking a break from social media and you can see a huge difference in your overall happiness.

Lower Your Expectations

It is a popular opinion that we do not get hurt by what people do, but we get hurt if people don’t do what we expected them to do. Long story short, we get more hurt by our expectations as compared to the actions of others. To avoid being hurt we must expect the least out of people around us. If we are not expecting anything from anyone, then we’ll be happy even if someone does a small thing.

Consider Therapy

Therapy is something that is always spoken in hushed voices in our country like discussing a crime. Mental health issues are treated like taboo when there is nothing wrong with it! This point is only for people who are facing major issues and are afraid to talk about it. There is nothing wrong with searching how to be happy, but if one is struggling with negative thoughts and sadness regularly then a therapist can help in a lot of ways. A therapist identifies the loopholes in your mindset that are restraining you from being a happy and fulfilled person and helps you in dealing with them.

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