How Can We Help Needy People
Help Needy People
How Can We Help Needy People
  04 Nov'2021

India is home to millions of people who are underprivileged and have limited means to live. Some even
struggle to get the basic necessities like food, shelter, and clothing. The key to end poverty does not lie
in doling out benefits to the needy. Rather, the focus here should be on equipping them with all the
necessary things so that they can attain strength and in turn contribute to their own society and
country’s growth. Volunteering your time to help support a cause is something you will never regret. It
will enrich your life, make you familiar with the community and connect you to people and ideas that
will positively impact your personality for the rest of your life. Helping the needy is an opportunity for
you to grow as a person and to understand better how you fit into the world around you.

No one has ever become poor by giving. When you visit a charity home, an orphanage, an NGO, or an
old age home, you will surely feel how blessed you are to have this life and have the capability to help
others in your own way. The less privileged people have all the right to live their life with happiness and
your simple gratitude for kindness gives them the motivation to help and inspire others. 
Change your perspective. Instead of looking at them as a project to help, view them as people to love
and respect. Here are 5 ways to show how to help needy people and enrich their lives.

1. Donating to an NGO
Since NGOs are nonprofit organizations they rely on charity and donations made by people. There are
many NGOs that are working towards the betterment of the poor. They are helping deprived children
get a fulfilling childhood by providing them quality learning opportunities, access to healthcare,
protection from abuse and harm, and relief and rehabilitation during disasters and emergencies. They
work towards empowering the most marginalized children of India to grow up into mature, healthy, and
skilled adults who can earn a decent livelihood and leave behind the life of poverty.
If you have a heart and bent to help people come out of poverty, what better way to do than to donate
to a trusted and credible NGO working for the deprived. The benefits of working for a nonprofit
organization are many, as the things you will donate will be utilized for social welfare programs and
enable them to get a sound livelihood.

1. Host a fundraiser
If you’re passionate about working for the cause of the helpless and needy, then you have an
opportunity to go much beyond donating. You can use your social connections and organize different
types of fundraising activities. This includes marathons, concerts, social events, etc. There are many
renowned fundraising organizations as well and gives you a chance to get associated with them as well.
Generally, these organizations create funding for a social cause by raising small amounts of money from
a large number of people, typically via the internet or public gatherings.

1. Volunteer with a charity
Volunteering is a complete selfless exercise and you must focus your efforts on providing real benefits to
the people you work for. While volunteering, you can teach children at an NGO or train village women
to make handicraft items. You can manage a community kitchen for the poor or collect used or unused
clothes to donate to the needy. If you are a student or someone who can contribute to volunteering
then you can get hands-on training on how social welfare projects are carried out on the ground by
working for an NGO.

1. Become a campaigner for a cause
Spreading awareness about poverty is equally important as working towards alleviating it. The more
awareness you create, the more people will get involved in the process of tackling poverty. Join a
campaign that seeks to address the issues of lack of shelter, education, healthcare, etc., and be a
torchbearer. These days we are blessed with the power of the Internet at our disposal which can be
used efficiently to spread the word. 

1. Imparting Education
Education is the first step towards getting out of hardships and breaking free from the cycle of poverty.
Imparting education to the poor and needy helps them to lead better lives. Through education, they can
take over efforts to revitalize their life rather than always depending on others to do so for them.
There are several ways of how to help the needy but nothing works better than contributing to an
organization dedicated to helping poor communities battle with poverty. Respond with a smile, wipe
their tears and share your happiness with them. Work selflessly like you really care about them and
inspire others also to help the poor. Be human and spread humanity.

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