Using Creativity to help curb Disability-Narayan Seva Sansthan
Disabled People's Problems
Using Creativity to help curb Disability
  04 Jun'2018

Being definition, creativity means creating something new; something innovative. However there is no perfect definition of what particularly creativity is as it is different in every mind. If you have had the image of a brooding artist when you think of creativity think again. Recent studies actually suggest that creative people are happier than others. This means that every kid and adult who spends time in creative pursuits like art, music, theatre, building etc is happier.


While they are essential for an agile mind, creative pursuits can prove to be even more valuable to people with disability. To some, it even becomes a life force allowing them to navigate through difficult days with ease. Creativity through self expression is what we all need and those with mental or physical disabilities need even more.


How creativity can make you happy

Creative pursuits need not be limited to only singing, dancing, writing or acting. What makes it unique is that it is infinite and can mean anything that stimulates the mind and energizes the body. Open mindedness is the most important trait of any creative pursuit as everybody has a different and unique talent. When you are focused on an activity, your mind automatically zones in and becomes one-tracked allowing you to immerse yourself in a pleasurable activity.


Whether you take up a new instrument or just experiment with paintbrushes, a person with disability is give a tool of self expression and joy. Methods like art therapy, music therapy and color therapy are known to work wonders on the state of mind of these people. Whether you are in a bad mood or a good one, an outlet to express your emotions is exactly what people with disability need. It also makes them feel in control of their lives as they are paint their emotions onto a silent, non-judgmental canvas, often literally!


How does art ease disability?

Frequent participation in arts, crafts and other creative pursuits is especially beneficial to people with disability. When introduced at an early age, creative projects can greatly enhance the social functioning and improve performance in academic and personal fields. In fact, people with disabilities who continually work with creative projects can do away with stereotypes and perform better in the community and the workplace. It has been scientifically proven that children who engage in reading, music, arts and other creative pursuits earn higher test scores in the high school and college levels.


The reason why art therapy is so popular is because it is unconditional, subjective and decidedly infinite. This allows people with disabilities to express themselves in their own unique manner without any social, physical or attitudinal obstacles. This universal language has the power to unite people of all ages and all walks of life. Art is especially helpful in releasing negative thoughts and emotions by venting the energy in productive and creative methods. Oftentimes, people with disability are known to have difficult thoughts and with the help of art, any art, they can easily express themselves.

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