Hand Transplant Challenges In India And How Your Donation Can Help
Hand Transplant Challenges In India And How Your Donation Can Help
  27 Jan'2022

Often trauma, severe illnesses, or surgical procedures are required to remove limb/limbs, in
order to dissipate pain or to control the spread of disease. In earlier times, hand amputation
was seen as the last alternative. Losing a limb can be extremely detrimental both
emotionally and psychologically. However, in today’s times, it can be dealt with, and in a
rather better manner. A hand transplant procedure can turn over a new leaf for people.
In our country, there is an incessant yet unmet requirement of quality hand transplant
surgery. Be it hardworking miners who have lost an arm in a mishap or construction workers
who got into an accident on-site. It is important to understand that hand transplant in
India is not accessible to people from all backgrounds. Let us go through this blog to know
more about this. 
Who Requires a Hand Transplant?
Before diving into this subject, it would be wise to learn about hand transplant procedures
that have been conducted across the world to date. According to John Hopkins University,
the total number of hand transplant surgeries that have taken place till now is
approximately 130. The complexity of this procedure is the main reason why only limited
hand transplantations have been done at various medical institutions in different parts of
the world. Only the most severe cases are considered for this surgery because the success
rate is still not very high. 
How Does Hand Transplant Take Place? 
Since not every specially-abled person is eligible for a hand transplant, some vital criteria
have been created to evaluate the severity of a person’s hand amputation. Mentioned
below are some of these factors that need to be considered by surgeons: 
 Blood group 
 Type of tissue
 Age (patient and donor) 
 Gender (patient and donor) 
 Size of the hand 
 Skin colour 
 The muscle around the amputation
By considering these aspects, a patient can apply for a donation at the official organ donor’s
registry in India. As there are only a few arm and hand donors available in the country, most
patients have to be on the waiting list for a long time. The surgery itself is very complicated
that requires a highly qualified team of surgeons. Patient care post-surgery plays a key role
for the donor’s arm to adapt to the body. 

What are the Risks Involved? 
During hand transplant surgery, there are various risks involved. The patient can experience
internal bleeding or catch infection very easily. These issues can make the procedure
dangerous for the patient. Along with this, patients can suffer from blood clotting or
thrombosis when the transplantation is taking place. This can further complicate matters,
thus, it needs to be fixed before moving forward. 
Besides complications during the procedure, many a time, the patient’s body might not be
able to accept the donor’s arm. It can be a chronic rejection case that shows no signs in the
initial phases. It takes place over a long time, so most medical practitioners are unable to
find any issues in the first few months or even years after the hand transplant surgery.
Acute rejection can be seen almost immediately after the procedure in the form of
inflammation, rash or change in the skin colour of the patient’s hand. 
Is Physical Therapy Required after the Procedure? 
People who have gone through a hand transplant should be given physical therapy by
professional physiotherapists. This can be a little difficult for people who cannot afford to go
for hand therapy every day for almost 6 months. Due to this reason, donations must be
made to a reputed NGO that helps people with rehabilitation services. 
What are the Charges for a Hand Transplant Surgery? 
The cost of hand transplant surgery in India is very high. This is mainly because of the
availability issues of medical equipment, medications, and other healthcare products that
are needed in this procedure. Keeping this in mind, you must make your contributions to a
well-trusted NGO that take care of the financial needs of underprivileged patients. 
How Can Your Donations Help? 
In our country, certain communities cannot afford expensive medical procedures and
surgeries. As responsible citizens, we must help people with limited financial resources to
get proper medical care. People who require hand transplant surgeries need a large sum of
money for the entire process. Thus, donations made to a charitable trust that provides
financial aid to these patients is highly encouraged. 
With the advancement in the medical industry, hand transplants in India can happen most
safely at highly reputed hospitals in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, etc. A little help
can make a significant difference in someone’s life and NGOs in India are in a constant
endeavour to help all they can.

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