Gratitude for best in both worlds
Gratitude For Best in Both Worlds
Gratitude for best in both worlds
  29 Apr'2018

How often do we complain to the almighty and ask for our worldly desires, and how frequent do we express our satisfaction with what we have got and settle for a happy life? Human as species has become greedy and unsatisfactory, therefore continuously hops on more. From one level to another one and then to another one, making it an unending process finally coming to a stop with a stop on person’s breath. We start to run in the race to achieve more and be able to increase our affording power, a person tries for happier and wealthier life and when he becomes the level of rich he preferred for, his expectations increase and he does not think about stopping there itself. And for some reason if he is not able to achieve extra than what he should have settled for, he needs someone to blame and in usual case, it is the god to be blamed for.


Irony being, when its was you to have moved forward in the pursuit of finding extra and better, you left your current to achieve your tomorrow and god is blamed for your greed. Simply not differentiated between need and greed and merging the two to label it as need is the incorrect way to go about it. Any satisfaction that a human works for is just the temporary worldly materialistic satisfaction which is short lived and only keeps quiet until your greed knocks again on your door.


The real lasting happiness lays in the stagnant introspection of how much do you actually need of this? And your heart will lead the way ahead. A very accurate example being of hunger. If one is hungry even after 4 meals a day and he hogs on more just to fill his want, he will end up being sick because he went ahead of his body requirements. Similarly, there is a limit to your body and life and when you move past them, the growth starts declining and comes the stage of degeneration. Exactly this marks a certain kind of downfall when person invests in his own deterioting cycle to jump higher.


One should be content and thankful for all worlds and still continue to achieve excellence in whatever does. Asking for more is different than striving for perfection and that is how one should be moving forth with. Only this time, the striving is not born out of unsettling feverishness, but instead out of calm self control.


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