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Evaluating The Needs Of People with Disabilities
  27 Jul'2020

Humans are the most advanced creation of God on this Earth. We have the power to think, we have the heart to feel and the will to act on it. No other living being on this earth can speak as many languages like we do and can perform a task as efficiently as we can. Our race is the most advanced and developed race among all life on Earth. With such powers, comes ever-greater responsibility. We are in charge of protecting the earth, from ourselves to be honest and also the great inventions that we do, propels our civilization forward. We perform tasks that help in our sustainability and brings happiness, and what greater happiness is there than helping other people who are in need.

As humans, our greatest service should be serving other people. There is a lot of poverty, sadness, and problems around us. Daily, millions of people are suffering. Some are suffering from lack of food and some are suffering from a lack of empathy from other people. Not all human beings are born lucky. Due to various circumstances, which are none of his own faults, he is confined to a life of disabilities because of which he is not able to perform even the simple tasks as we can, and so they need our help. They need assistance which helps them to perform the task and as humans and noble citizens of our great country, it is our responsibility , that we extend our help needy persons.

Problems Faced by Disabled people
The disabled people around us have certain basic needs which we should provide to them and thus ensure that there is a level of equality among the people of our society. People who suffer from physical disabilities, cannot move around as easily as we can. They need assistance. Many of those people use wheelchairs to move from one place to another. In India, we know the conditions of our roads and pavements. Even we, the normal people are thankful if we do not fall down or get tripped by a certain break on our path, then think how people with disabilities will be able to move? Then there are people who use crutches and prosthetics, so walking for long distances is not a healthy option for them. They need a proper transport system which will help them go to their destination without much trouble.

1. Assistive Technologies - As we read before, disabled people face a lot of trouble in performing even basic tasks. Either they cannot hear properly, or they cannot speak properly, or they are visually impaired. Those people need assistance and with the advancement of modern science, we now have the power to help them a lot. There are hearing aids for people cannot hear partially or completely, there are sign languages and ways to understand those languages so that the people who are unable to speak can also communicate with other people and last but not the least, Braille system has helped the visually impaired people a lot. Nowadays, there is Braille everywhere, from our currency to the elevator button. These aids and modifications make us inclusive as a society.

2. Modern Innovations - Is there anything that robots cannot do? From keeping the floors of our room clean to assisting the doctors in the operation theatres. Modern science has given us an immense opportunity to modify the homes of the people suffering from disabilities so that they can feel the comfort of their homes. From adaptive switches to voice control security.

3. Personal Assistance and support - Who does not love to be heard all the time? Now we have technologies like Amazon Echo and Siri among others which are only there to help you. They respond to your queries and give the best possible answers. They will book your appointments, remind you of the tasks that you need to perform, just like your personal secretary and that too without any complaints.


4. Inclusive Education and Training- Education is a basic right of all citizens and it should not matter that if the kid is normal or disabled. If we want to grow as a civilization, we should be able to give at least basic education to all kids. Without education, one is not able to have a good future. For the disabled kids, there are adaptive technologies. Kids who are unable to see can use the Braille system for studies and there are special schools for kids who suffer from some kind of intellectual or psychological disability. Narayan Seva Sansthan provides schooling for orphans and children from a poor background. They are taught to use computers which make them future-ready.

5. An adequate Income - The basic need to have a happy life is money, as ugly, it may sound, but it is the ugly truth. When a person acquires the skills needed for employment, he has the chance to get a job and thus have a stable future. Narayan Seva Sansthan provides vocational training to the disabled people who come to them for help. They are also taught to repair mobile phones; computers and they are taught how to do the stitching. All of these valuable pieces of training are provided to the people suffering from disabilities totally free of cost.

6. Appropriate and accessible Information - Information should be free and accessible to all people. There should be no discrimination among the people, and it should not depend on whether they are normal or are disabled. As we are born as humans, we are all equal and so it is the right of every person to have the information they need.

7. Counseling - Who does not need advice in life? The disabled people are also different and need proper help and guidance which helps them to overcome certain problems in life. As the greatest creation of God, we should always be ready to provide the necessary help to people from all sections of life.

It is the right of every human to receive proper medical care. It is obvious that disabled people need more medical care and attention than normal people. They need proper equipment and aid to lead a stable life. Narayan Seva Sansthan provides proper medical care to all the people suffering from disabilities. They provide them with corrective surgeries in their chain of hospitals and give them proper care in their physiotherapy centers. NSS also runs mobile vans that go to remote places to give the necessary medical care to the poor and discarded section of the society.


Here we can see how people of various age groups suffer from various disabilities which give us vast yet in-depth knowledge about the problems faced by those people. The people's disabilities need all kinds of support, so it is of the highest priority that they should also be treated as equals and have access to proper judicial help and assistance.You can also do your part of helping the people by making an NGO donation to NSS whatever you can. No amount is too small.

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