How to Improve Health and Wellness Through Yoga
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Improve Health and Wellness Through Yoga
  21 Jun'2018

The Life-Changing Yoga

As yoga continues to grow in popularity around the world, many people see it as a purely physical practice like exercise. While there is nothing wrong with that, there is much more to this ancient wisdom that can offer far deeper life-changing benefits.

Yoga offers a more comprehensive approach that can dramatically enhance your path to wellness and life fulfillment. With an international following and a time-tested philosophy, Yoga is an ancient practice that can fit seamlessly into modern life.


Seeing All that Yoga has to Offer

Yoga has been practiced on the Indian subcontinent for thousands of years, and has been surging in popularity across the rest of the world over the past couple of decades. It seems that everywhere you look, people are heading into a studio with their yoga mat and water bottle to spend time on the floor and connect with their breath.

This is not surprising, as the physical benefits of yoga are without question, including improved strength, flexibility and balance, and longevity. But many don’t realize the ancient roots of this practice that include meditative and mindful living aspects. Of course, engaging in yoga purely for its physicality is perfectly fine, but why settle for a one-dimensional experience when you could explore all that yoga has to offer?


Moving Beyond Spirituality

When the word spiritual comes up on conversation, many people immediately balk. While some people relish in referring to their yoga practice as ‘spiritual,’ others are understandably put off by the religious undertones of the term. Or worse, the term carries a sort of pseudoscientific connotation that challenges the scientific rationality of modern minds.

For these reasons it can be helpful to think of the word “spiritual” to simply mean a felt sense of connection to the life process that connects us – to the planet, to each other, and to the dynamics of biological evolution. The meditative experiences that one can have when practicing yoga help us feel “at home” with the greater continuum of life and the universe.

Think of it this way – just as your physical health can be improved and optimized with exercise, you can also ‘exercise’ your mind and awareness through regular meditative practice. Rather than seeing your mind and body as two different systems, Yoga can help you integrate the two together and become your authentic ‘whole being.’


The Benefits of Yoga in Modern Life

We all know that modern life can be trying and stressful. From bills to be paid and children to be ferried about, to career-s to nurture and relationships to build. Certainly, even if you only focus on the physical aspects of your yoga practice, you will experience great benefits that help you deal with these stressors.

But if you want to improve all dimensions or your being and experience a deeper sense of wellness, wholeness and power, a Yoga practice can be a satisfying path to follow. Connect with your highest capacities of mindful awareness, improve your focus, and make your life the best that it can be.


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