Donation utilized when you donate to a NGO
When You Donate To A NGO
How is your Donation utilized when you donate to a NGO!?
  05 Apr'2018

Whenever you see a Cause that touches our heart you are possibly, well mostly, driven by the motivation to donate for it, isn’t it?

But there are several concerns that engulf you before even making a choice viz. How can I be sure if the money I donate reaches those people? How do they actually utilize the money they raise? Will my donation actually make a difference?

Today’s blog will try to answer these basic cautious questions that arise and confuse you from doing what you want!

Let’s get started!

The Basic Hierarchy!

The basic hierarchy of the operational module works on the prescribed format. This was previously a part of a research conducted by Human Rights Commission, UK to provide an insight into the functioning of the NGO’s. The total amount received is divided into 3 main parts –

1.The Program Implementation Expenditure

2.Promotional Activities that help raise funds

3.Administrative and other Miscellaneous costs


Donate To An NGO


So, this is a miniature overview of how your money is utilized when you make a donation to NGO.

The organizational Cost Break-Up!

There are times when you are more indulged into the cause being optimized ASAP! You need to know how much time the said program will take for the relief of its beneficiaries.

 When you donate with a concern like this; that involves immediate rescue or immediate help to the person affected, you can always refer to the project deadline which tells you a definite time frame in which the project is carried out.

Also there are various organizational cost breakups provided by NGOs like Narayan Seva Sansthan that define the supremacy of the causes undertaken. For instance by Costs breakup like these you can trust the fact that the value of your money is intact!


Donation Utilized


The ROI (Result of Investment) Request:

It is mighty important to be in touch with the NGO you made a donation to and request a ROI slip if required.

Many NGO’s provide a detailed ROI slip if requested by the donor about how the donation is been used by the organization and details (If compelled to provide) of the beneficiary. In many cases the NGOs in India often arrange a call back of the beneficiary for the donor in reverence to the effort provided.

The Bottom Line:

It’s always best to be wise and most aware while making a donation and to do an insightful research before utilizing your hard earned money for Charity Donation in India

As far as donating for a cause is the most generous effort you can make from your side, making sure it lands up the hands where it is required is also your responsibility.

Smallest of effort, if done in the right way is enough to start a revolution.

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